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  • opinionated55 By  opinionated55    

    Torani Salted Carmel Syrup

    Have used it in coffee and hot chocolate, liked it in both.

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  • FashionBeyond40x By  FashionBeyond40x    

    I used this just this morning. One of my favorite flavors! Could be a little more salty but then again I am a saltoholic - very good product and I would recommend!

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  • SweetPea83 By  SweetPea83    

    A little of this syrup goesa long way. I have the sugar free kind of this and it goes great with coffee to give it a little punch of flavor. I love that it's 0 calories! This lasted me a while!! I still have a bunch.

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  • mordor By  mordor    

    Not a fan

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  • ashleykemmer By  ashleykemmer    

    Very good! I use the sugar free for my coffee.

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  • bigdraws71 By  bigdraws71    

    This is a product that has me not wanting sodas just having this in my coco and warm milk etc love this

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    I love salted caramel anything. I can't help it. But this can be used in coffee, teas, even desserts to add flavor....and oh what a delicious flavor it is!

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  • saracot By  saracot    

    I got this for free last year and wasn't quite sure what to do with it at first but then my fiance put some in his coffee one morning and it tasted just like the expensive coffee he buys at Starbucks. It gives an amazing caramel flavor and just the right taste.

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  • Touchedpainter By  Touchedpainter     SheSpeaks Tester

    Not at all impressed, no matter how little I put in it is always too sickening-syrupy sweet, and the flavor is over powered and diminished by the sickening sweet.

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  • harmontm By  harmontm    

    I drink a lot of coffee and have collected many things to make my home a coffeehouse in the morning. I have many flavors of syrup, and this is one of my favorites. i have found it to be good with ice cream and as an additive to adult coffee drinks with liquor.

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  • MistyAnn By  MistyAnn    

    Love this! Its great in coffee!

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  • jmtazz By  jmtazz    

    I love this stuff! I've always liked syrup in my coffee and was using their regular caramel for quite some time. This adds a slightly new dimension to the flavor that is terrific! Warning... it is sweet! But for someone like me who doesn't really like coffee so much as warm cream and sugar, then this is perfect. I have a Tassimo and make a cappuccino, and some Domino LIght Sugar, salted caramel syrup and caramel non-dairy creamer. It's like dessert really.

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  • sashie49 By  sashie49    

    great with coffee

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  • AuttyW By  AuttyW    

    I absolutely LOVE the taste of this! I wasn't a huge salted caramel fan at first, but after trying this a few more times, I am definitely in love with this! I just wish it was easier to find!

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  • Knunez By  Knunez    

    Yummy! I am a huge fan of anything caramel. So when I tried this I was so excited to see what I could come up with. I tried it in a brownie recipe and then I created a caramel chocolate adult drink. I have since bought 3 more bottle and tried 2 other flavors. I highly recommend this.

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