Tootsie Roll Industries Tootsie Rolls

Tootsie Roll Industries Tootsie Rolls

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I can eat a whole roll of these... I buy the minis... Great summple or any GIFT staple! Always good taste!

Household favorite. The one candy that my husband and I can both agree upon. Still trying to convince our granddaughter it's better than gummies.

I've loved this candy since I was a kid. I would highly recommend to anyone who hasn't tried them!

A classic To be honest I never appreciated tootsie rolls as a kid but I'm kind of fond of them now. I like the chewy taffy like texture with a mild chocolate taste. I remember these were given to me as a kid a lot while tricker treating. Very affordable as you can get these for a buck at the Dollar Store I frequent.

Tootsies have been a fav since I was a little kid. I still love these chewy goodness candies. They have them at my gym and I always grab them after a workout.

My childhood candy! Tootsie Rolls are the candy that brings me back to my childhood! To this day its the candy I choose and the candy I love to give my kids! Soft, Chewy Chocolate goodness! I love the small bites, they are perfect to pop one after another but most of all I love the long fat tootsie Rolls! So satisfying!

Tootsies Rolls are Ah-mazing! These are one of my families all time favorite candy all throughout the year! It taste delicious and everyone loves it! Tootsies Rolls are the way to go if you are unsure of what Halloween candy to buy.

Binge worthy A Halloween classic, but I have too stop from binge eating the bag!

Halloween Staple Tootsie rolls are great and probably one of the most found candies in a Halloween bag. It's not that expensive to buy a bag and there's lots to share. Takes me back to my childhood every time I eat one.

Who doesn't love Tootsie Roll it's an iconic candy just a sweet little morsel just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth and get you through the day they fit in your pocket and nobody knows you have them at work so you can eat them discreetly

Halloween Staple! Tootsie Rolls are a Halloween staple in my household! The various sizes they come in is great as well as the various flavors, but nothing beats the original. They are not chewy but are not hard either. For someone with sensitive teeth or loose teeth I wouldn't recommend as these stick and pull like no other. The chocolate is spot on and they don't taste too sweet compared to other chocolates. Highly recommend!

Have a Tootsie Roll, Toots!! :-) These bring me back to my childhood! The chewiness is so satisfying and the chocolatey taste is so good! They don't get messy so you can keep a few in your purse. I like ve the fruit ones, too (line and vanilla).

Allergy Friendly Candy They are a great candy to give out on Halloween or have at home around the holidays! I love that they are peanut free, nut free, and gluten free. It's great when you come from a family with severe allergies because it's a candy we all can eat!