The Tips You Need for a Good Divorce

Sarah Armstrong

The Tips You Need for a 'Good Divorce' with Author, Sarah Armstrong

SS Member Image    by   SheSpeaksTeam    Feb 08, 2022

Going through a divorce is hard and wondering how it might impact your children is even harder. Sarah Armstrong, author of the book, 'A Mom's Guide to a Good Divorce,' shares the most important tips you need to know in order to achieve a good divorce, for the wellbeing of you and your children.

With divorce more common than ever, Sarah offers practical guidance for those who have already decided to divorce and want a positive outcome throughout the process, especially for their children. Using her own experience, Sarah offers how to make sure kids do not become collateral damage, how to ensure you and your children don't go through a toxic experience, and how to experience happiness after divorce. 

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Episode Highlights

9:29: How to define a "Good Divorce"

18:04: Tips for self-care during a divorce. 

21:47: How to make it through a "year of firsts." 

28:54: About Sarah's book The Mom's Guide to a Good Divorce

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