The Original Makeup Eraser

The Original Makeup Eraser

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Better that makeup remu I love that these are washable and reusable. They really take off more make up than just a cotton ball and makeup remover.


Pass This just didn't work for me. Perhaps because I wear waterproof makeup? It also left little pieces of fuzz on my skin.

Make up eraser What a blast for technology and the great creations of today. Such a face saver!

Quick, easy, efficient! Wet, wipe and toss in the laundry! So easy to use and it truly does get all your makeup off!

amazing! life-changer! This thing is amazing! It wipes everything off and just one swipe. All I have to do is wet it with water. Then I throw it in the washing machine and it's a good to go for next time. I love mine!

Do not waste your money. I was so excited when I got this in a monthly subscription box, than I opened it. First the size was extremely small. Than I tried to clean off my eye shadow and mascara, it didn't go well. I tried a few more times but gave up because the skin around my eyes being sore and red. It didn't take off my eye shadow or mascara. I will not recommend this product at all.

Get one; you won't regret it! I love this makeup remover! I have really sensitive skin, and this helps to get all my makeup off without having to scrub!

Amazing and a time saver I absolutely love the make up eraser. It is so soft and has 2 sides. I love the color of the product as well always fun. I tend to be a little clumsy with eyeliner the makeup eraser is at my side everyday when I am getting ready. If I make a mistake swoop and gone. I also use one every night. O have very sensitive skin and a sensitive system. So using the multi sides I can remove male up dirt and grim and my night time skin care with ease and chemical free. This is a must have for everyone.

Makeup Eraser +water/micellar water= Clean Face!! The Makeup Eraser is pretty awesome, no joke! One side is for removing makeup of course & the other side, for exfoliation! I just use warm water on my makeup eraser, unless I'm wearing waterproof mascara, then I'll get out some Micellar water & put it on the makeup eraser, hold it on my lashes+ gently wipe away mascara! I'd recommend this eco-friendly product to anyone! Save the Earth, one Makeup Eraser at a time!

The Original Makeup Eraser is a magic eraser !!Works perfect!No makeup on your face after using this product!

Great Product, buy NOW This product actually works, which I think is completely crazy. You can get a 7 day set with a laundry bag for only $8!

Somewhat effective This cloth feels soft and I found it effective at removing some makeup. I like to do a two step cleansing when I wear makeup. I remove my makeup with a remover and then cleanse my skin with a cleanser. The Eraser does not completely remove my foundation, even though I don't wear very heavy products. It works fairly well at taking off eye products, but I have had little success with mascara and no success at all with waterproof mascara. What I like to use this cloth for, is to use it with my actual cleanser. I find it works beautifully to gently exfoliate my skin.

Amazing Product This is an AMAZING product!! I highly recommend it if you are a person who, like me, hates taking your make up off at the end of the day. Make Up Eraser makes it so easy! No cleanser necessary. Simply dampen the cloth and rub your face. It works like magic to remove all make up, including the often stubborn mascara! Takes about 30 seconds or less to completely remove it all #SheSpeaksReview

"Green" Makeup Remover I like using mine because it's gentle, and it washes/dries very well. To be fair, I don't wear a lot of foundation, so that might affect one's feeling about the product. But if you want to "wash off the day" and the clumpy mascara, this is a great, "green"-ish option.