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  • Romariel By  Romariel    

    Must watch!!

    This movie is informative yet sad. It teaches people the vulnerability that children have in the hands of strangers or even family members.

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  • Rosalbamomoftwo By  Rosalbamomoftwo    

    Heavy topic but great movie

    Saw the movie didn't read book. But I very good story but you must like heavy topic for some but if you like those movies it's a must see.

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  • mzcheetah By  mzcheetah    

    I think the story line is interesting, but the movie overall was disappointing for me. So much more could have been done with this concept. I'm not saying it's a bad movie at all, but just fell short as far as I'm concerned.

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  • Bagel2332 By  Bagel2332    

    I read the book before I saw the movie. Usually when I do that, I am disappointed because the book is usually so much better than the movie. Even though the movie varied from the book a lot, this was a movie that did not disappoint me

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  • HollyPritchettxoxo By  HollyPritchettxoxo    

    Beautiful yet sad, shows a beautiful story and the villain gets what he deserves in the end.

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  • 1SwtWrld By  1SwtWrld    

    This movie was horrible.......It didn't even make since......once again the hype for the movie was misleading.

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  • NBgirl By  NBgirl    

    I liked the movie. Thought it was sad as her family was torn apart after everything happened. It was frustrating seeing the murderer get away with what he did to the girl but he got what he deserved at the end. Good movie

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  • shanif2 By  shanif2    

    really liked the movie and it scared me from going out of the house for a while. but cute.

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  • mtgtj50 By  mtgtj50    

    did not like at all,

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  • craftcath By  craftcath    

    Very well done, but disturbing movie

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  • honeebop By  honeebop    

    I thought this was a very interesting movie. Sad story but overall the concept was great.

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  • debsmad By  debsmad    

    I loved the book, and I enjoyed the movie just as much. A teenage girl is murdered and then watches as her family grieves and tries to cope, and as her killer seems to get away with the crime. The movie does a good job building tension and fear leading up to the murder. You really start to feel the panic as she realizes her situation. And then you feel the confusion and heartbreak as she realizes in her afterlife what has happened, and as she tries to reach out to her family. Some parts of the book are not included, and some of the weird parts seem to work better visually than in book form. I enjoyed this movie and it is something I would watch again and again.

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  • hectroidz By  hectroidz    

    This is a very moving plus suspenseful movie. It moves you from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other. It is both creepy and lovely throughout and all in between. Even though sad it is uplifting and that is hard to do. This is a movie I can watch more than one time.

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  • Rafencat By  Rafencat    

    This movie not only makes you think, it makes you cry, it shows you such power and beauty and the truest forms of love, devotion and devistation. The importance of family, the way tragedy will rip a family apart and how love brings things back into focus. The power in a young girls soul and how she comes to terms with what has happened to her. The sadness felt by so many effected by the acts of one man and ultimately what happens to him when he continues to hide what he's done and move on with the same focus in his life. This was not just well filmed it was beautifully adapted from the book. While I did miss some of the hidden aspects in the book it is one of my favorite movies. So much to read between the filmed lines!

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  • frakmomma04 By  frakmomma04    

    This movie made me think of real life situations. I loved now the reality and the fantasy was put together. It made me sad but it was well put together. Every family should watch it together. There are lessons to learned from this movie!

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