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  • Beckalynnxx By  Beckalynnxx    

    Has lots of things

    I love Christmas tree shop. Used to be better before it was bought by bed bath and beyond. But I still like to shop at it

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  • Rjack79 By  Rjack79    

    Fun store to shop at. You do have to watch the price as some items seem to be high/

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  • HalfPintt By  HalfPintt    

    One of my favorites!

    You can always find cute last minute gifts here that you won?t find anywhere else!

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  • Belleofthelight By  Belleofthelight    

    It's not Christmas season without it.

    It's almost that time of year again and my family is getting so excited! The Christmas season isn't complete without my family's traditional trip to the Christmas Tree Store. My mom gets nostalgic with all the old-fashioned decorations that she hasn't seen anywhere else. I like the unique, above average items to add to my displays. My kids love walking through Christmas wonderland! There's truly something here for everyone. The perfect Christmas holiday shopping experience.

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  • Daisies911 By  Daisies911    

    Great Products and Great Prices!

    Not one bad thing to say about this store! Always have great products at great prices. I loved to take my grandmother shopping there all the time. She recently passed away and will have to continue the tradition without her.

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  • Aliciadawns26 By  Aliciadawns26    

    Love this store amazing stuff at great prices good coustomer service

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  • soreta By  soreta    

    i looooooooove this store cheapest price ever u can get a nice stuff at less if i can go everday for shopping

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  • MommaSholly06 By  MommaSholly06    

    Though i really do like these stores and they have a lot of nice stuff, they are also over priced so i dont usually purchase anything when i do go in. mostly just nose around.

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  • Skyvark By  Skyvark    

    My family enjoys shipping here and seeing the seasonal merchandise. Great prices!

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  • LynnLizzy By  LynnLizzy    

    When they first opened I absolutely loved what my friends and I call "Tree Shop".....we used to find unusual gifts that were constantly changing. Now it seems the quality of their merchandise has gone down and stays the selection mostly the same. The only great thing about them is they are a great resource for favors and centerpieces as they will special order most items in the quantity you need.

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  • xoxodragonfly By  xoxodragonfly    

    Love this Store! I thought it was only a Christmas store until one day I decided to go in! They have so many different things in there. It's really nice!

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  • Emptynestmama By  Emptynestmama    

    I love going to the Christmas Tree Shops. They switch up products according to the season/holiday. I can always find the cutest items at really good prices. Right now they have a lot of Spring and Easter items!! Little tip for everyone, they will go down on prices IF you ask a manager. It may only be 10% most of the time BUT that covers our sales tax and a little more.

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  • Amusesings By  Amusesings    

    Not a fan. I guess it wasn't what I expected. I wanted to be dazzled with decor and festivity, instead it was a discount store full of mediocre goods. I am sure it has its place, but think it's a deceiving name for a store.

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  • cadillacblu By  cadillacblu    

    My 1st trip here the store was not what I expected. I brought my daughter a digital piggy bank and she's and it like 4yrs now. I brought my mom a dresser. I cant stay away from here. There's a little of everything.

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  • lbjones89 By  lbjones89    

    almost too big like walmart,but you can get everything in one place

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