The CW The Vampire Diaries

The CW The Vampire Diaries

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ok show I loved watching this show for the first few seasons but then it got weird. Didn't like it when Elena left the show and then they added other shows that tied into, which you had to watch as well to keep up

Spot on acting I heard people brag about how great this show is I finally watched it I was not disappointed I'm so glad I did I'm a fan of Buffy also but the vampire diaries blows it out of the water! The makeup and special affects were so much better than before the fangs are great looks like the real thing I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone all star series

Loved this show! Got hook in the show by my friend and instantly fell in love with the character's and the storyline but I also got really upset with all the bad decision they made, I fell in loved like they did, but it also had me crying in a lot of episodes! I didn't stop crying in the final episode of the series but I still think Elena would have been better of with Stefan don't get me wrong I love Damon but I was a toxic relationship. That's to this series we got another get series that I absolutely love the originals!

This show is so amazing, I've seen every season and looking every week for more with the Salvatores

I started watching this show when I ran out of episodes to The Originals when I found out it was a spin off I had to check it out. Im so glad I did. The first couple episodes I struggled through but now im so Team Damon its ridiculous. The characters are relatable and entertaining. The story lines keep me hooked. This is not just a show for teenagers as I once thought.

Great show. Both my husband and I love watching this. We have never missed an episode. We even watch the reruns.

Both myself and my husband love this show! I thought he would not like it, but he also liked Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There is a lot of good writing and deep meaning in both shows if you pay attention and have some literary education and experience. Lot of fun too, and you never know where it is going. Love that type of plotting.

I gave this show a few tries, but couldn't get past the forced acting.

I just happened upon this show while browsing through Netflix one day. I figured "Eh I'll give it a shot." I was hooked!!! I binge watched 3 seasons and couldnt wait for Season 4 to be released. I still love this show, the characters and the insanely wild storylines. I just can't get enough. Thankfully they started a spinoff!!

I am addicted to this show! I can't get enough of it! and might I say as well the actors are gorgeous! lol

I love this show. It is my guilty pleasure and The Originals looks very interesting

Seriously addicted to this show. Definitly for older viewers but great edge of your seat entertaining.

I have been watching this since the beginning. I love it!. You won't want to miss or skip an episode.

I did not think I would like this show. I wasn't interested in a Vampire show but I had a friend who started watching this at my house. Before I knew it I was obsessed with what was going to happen neext. You really need to watch it from the beginning to understand it all. I love this show and hate having to wait till the end. Also it is not as bad as it sounds when you hear about a Vampire show. It's not all blood and death. There's a lot more to it. I highly recommend that you give this show a chance before rejecting it.

I don't like vampire shows