The CW Reign

The CW Reign

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the drama was real! Reign was a great watch, the story line was very detailed and the drama was addicting. I loved the romance of it all but the ending skipped too much for me, personally. I would've liked to see a few more fillers.

Saturday Popcorn & Ice Cream Bing Worthy Series As the Owner of a large entertainment blog, it is very hard to impress me with Movies and Shows. But Reign is not one of those. Reign is a Bing Worthy, eating popcorn and ice cream on the couch waiting for someone to kiss or kill someone kinda show.

Falls flat after season 2 The first two seasons were really great! We enjoyed this show so much. Somewhere into the third season the show and writing started to fall flat and we have since quit watching.

Reign is binge worthy! This is a unique drama because it combines rich historical drama with unexpected humor. The actors are easy on the eyes, so that doesn't hurt. Though, the true star of this series is the Queen...boy is she awesome! Every woman could aspire to have her power and intellect.

Looovveeeee this show This show teaches you about history in a way that will make you want to know more. It's juicy with tons of drama & has something new around every corner. You have to really pay attention tho cause if you miss one thing you are all of a sudden confused. Things move relatively fast on this show which I personally like, I kinda hate when they drag things out for too long 🙄

If you love Elizabethan times, romance, murder, power all wrapped into one then this is the drama for you. The name is REIGN. I recently ran into this Drama on Netflix while looking for a show my husband and I could watch together. We love this drama show. It keeps you wanting more once you have finished watching any episode. We literally schedule time to sit down together and watch the episodes. (I am often tempted to watch while my husband is at work..that is how entertaining it is.)