Tazo Awake Tea

Tazo Awake Tea

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Taste wonderful but not for my mornings. This is a great tasting hot tea, but I doesn't wake me up like matcha tea or regular coffee would. Doesn't matter, though. I drank this tea like I would any black tea: with a book cuddled up with my cat.

This is a great black tea for the morning! I love refrigerator both sweet or unsweet and hot hot hot!

I am a huge fan of the Tazo teas. I buy the green tea of the time. I drink it in the morning and at night

I enjoy all the Tazo teas. Awake is great for times when I don't want coffee, its a bit lighter.

This is a favorite tea for me when I am out and want a good hot cup of tea especially at Starbucks. It is a good med-dark brew tea without the bitter taste you get from some of the other teas. Love this brand.

I love the flavor of this tea! The only reason I'm rating it as 4-star is because the tea has darken my teeth quite a bit! I know I'm not supposed to "sip" my tea but I can't help it! This tea also leaves a dark/brown stain on the inside of my mug (from drinking it daily)...as you can tell, it really does stain! But I still love it.

Love the taste and effect of Tazo teas, especially Awake. Better than most others, except for Teavana loose leaf, which is my favorite but really pricey. Therefore, Tazo is my go to tea.

Tazo is great tea. Awake is amazing.

When i want a good tea i go for this brand and usually this black tea. We drink it all the time at work and it gives you that night wake up feeling but is not super strong.

You definetely have to try this tea in the morning if you are a tea lover like me! It is Starbucks tea brand! It is a great wake-me up morning tea with alot of boldness, but not bitter. It is a little on the pricey side but definetely worth the price tag. . Also starting to be availabe in k cups for you Kuerig.