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  • Heather1980 By  Heather1980    

    Wish I had a store close..

    Target is one of my favorite stores. Every time we are near one my daughter and I have to stop in. Their prices are great and the selection is the cutest any where. My daughter heads for cosmetics and I head to the home section. Customer Service for Target is always kind and ready to help. Wish I had one closer to my home, but that could be dangerous for my spending.

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  • SusanHN By  SusanHN    

    Great store. They have everything I need. Though their website could use some help.

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  • Heidi23 By  Heidi23    

    Always go in for one thing and end up leaving with 5- 10 things that I definitely only wanted but didnt need.

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  • sheepsymphony By  sheepsymphony    

    The place to stop

    Love going to my local targets. There's around 4 or 5 in the surrounding areas and they usually always have me leaving with something, be it pants that ACTUALLY FIT, to Pokemon Cards for my collection. Prices are cheaper than Walmart or Meijer for cards especially and they have a wide selection

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  • Sierra13 By  Sierra13    

    Target will always be my number one place to shop and makes any shopping trip enjoyable. They have unique items that stores don?t have and their cartwheel coupons have some great deals.

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  • Dripqueen By  Dripqueen    

    I think using in stire sales olus mfr coupons in app is a great way to save. Some things can be a little pricey though.

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  • JennicaJanae By  JennicaJanae    

    My go-to

    No matter what's going on in my day, a quick stop at Target always makes everything better.

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    I love Target!! They have unique items that nobody else has. You can beat their prices!! Wish we had a store where I live . Thanks Target for being different!!!

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  • amsweeney By  amsweeney    


    Target is my favorite place. It is always clean and you can find so much here and for a reasonable price.

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  • mybluefairy By  mybluefairy    

    Magical Place in Red

    Target is by far my most favorite store right now. It is always clean, there are always employees that will help you, they always have what I want, there never seem to be trashy, dirty people shopping there like at Walmart. I shop there at least once a week. I shop both online and in store. I have a Target redcard (debit card) and you still get the 5% discount just like you had the credit card! They have the cartwheel app which adds additional deals and the savings really start to pile up. You can use the cartwheel app, your 5% off card and coupons and get some amazing deals! I could go on and on about Target. It's just a really amazing, magical place. Ask my kids. They will tell you.

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  • Lpiantedosi18 By  Lpiantedosi18    

    I always leave this place with way more than I intended to

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  • itsashley86 By  itsashley86    

    Target is my go-to store! I love using the cartwheel app, and then saving those extra pennies with my Target red card! Since, I?m at Target so much I switched my pharmacy to CVS, so I can get everything all in one stop! It?s hard to leave without a Starbucks coffee on my way out!

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  • 8then10 By  8then10    

    Mother's sanctuary.

    I could get lost for hours while browsing in Target. It truly is an amazing store. From waffles, jeans, toys, diapers (which their up & up brand is fantastic might I add), to buying a tv quality at its best. I will go into Target without even having something I need to purchase. Four hours later and a cart over flowing with amazing deals. A lot of times I find products that I have never even seen before. What more could you ask for? Grab a coffee at starbucs. Then grouse through the dollar deals. They have some really neat things. Do not pass this over. It is unlike other stores that the item falls apart after you walk away from the register. Great quality! Now you have passed the line of not seeing daylight for hours because you have now been sucked into the Target hole. But don't worry you your phone will ring with one of your kids or hubby saying "Mom where are you"? Target is a mothers sanctuary !

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  • pontiacgirl By  pontiacgirl    

    Target, a good place to shop

    I would recommend Target stores. They have good sales and I love their clothes. Also with the Target Redcard you get 5% off.

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  • Jladavis89 By  Jladavis89    

    Target is my go to store. They have everything I need so I don?t need to make multiple stops and it?s the only store my kids love going to!

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