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  • TheMaven By  TheMaven    


    Swiffer Sweeper is a versatile cleaning tool. It is lightweight and compact. It's great for quick, light messes, especially for the types of messes that want to jump out of the dustpan. It is also handy for high corners!

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  • Mommylife95 By  Mommylife95    


    I have one and it?s good for little messes. And smells good also!!but a mop covers more and in my opinion cleans better

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  • amsweeney By  amsweeney    

    Not the best

    Not terrible but not the best. I think that this gets the job down, works perfectly in a dorm however I would not recommend it for a larger room or house.

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  • 17lauramarie By  17lauramarie    

    Smells great

    Great for a weekly clean, just not preferred for a deep clean. Definitely keeps the place dust free and looking tidy! And I really enjoy the fragrance too!

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  • shelby_neal8792 By  shelby_neal8792    

    Only for small areas

    Good for quick mess. Wouldn?t recommend for actual mopping. The wet pads do get up small messes but not a large area to mop, they dry quickly. The dry pads don?t pick up like they say they do I would say they?re a waste of money. Would recommend if you had a small area to mop.

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  • FreeSpiritDiva By  FreeSpiritDiva    

    Great for quick jobs.

    Great for spotbcleaning and quickie cleanings. Love the scent. I wish the pads stayed on a bit more secure.

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  • Kfreezy730 By  Kfreezy730    

    This is a pretty good sweeper but when you use the wet pads, you really have to use a lot of pressure in order to get sticky marks or spills off the floor.

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  • Annelieseml By  Annelieseml    

    Good mop, very convenient for our busy life. Only complaint is the rotation ability of the mop head.

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  • sjbraun By  sjbraun    

    Easy quick cleanup

    I've loved these since they first came out. No, they don't pick up "pieces" on the floor, but there's nothing better for gathering dust and hair.

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  • Tb92diesel By  Tb92diesel    

    Love this sweeper it light and easy to use. You can use wet or dry pads with it and use it on any surface. Great for quick clean up.

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  • moni25 By  moni25    

    i like

    Great for quick clean up. But no wet enough for deep cleaning.

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  • momjennifer4 By  momjennifer4    

    Great for quick clean up. But no wet enough for deep cleaning.

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  • LatinMama By  LatinMama    

    I have mix feelings about it. I like it, but I find that the pads do not cover a large area, so I have to use multiple pads to clean my dinning area and they are not cheap. So, I do like it...but have some reservations.

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  • JacqueS By  JacqueS    

    I really like this product for getting the dust from the hard wood floors between moppings. Also use it to get cobwebs from the hard to reach corners on the ceiling.

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  • Peanutnov26 By  Peanutnov26    

    I have always been a big fan of Swiffer because it really does pick up the dirt

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