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  • HelgaHelga By  HelgaHelga    

    Works like a charm

    These are great for fans. Swiffer makes the best products for dusting.

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  • allene7 By  allene7    

    Swiffer Dusters

    I have used Swiffer dusters for a very long time. I love how easy they are and you can quickly get your dusting done. If you have unexpected company just grab the swiffer and quickly dust around. I have used mine with dusting polish and it works fine. Love Swiffers will use them forever. They have however gotten a little expensive. I would like coupons or sales that would be great.

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  • jennygasp By  jennygasp    

    Best for dusting.

    I had recently purchased A generic brand and they do not compare to the swiffer duster. They really pick up dirt and dust. There easier to clean with and a good product overall. I will not be buying a different brand again.

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  • Jennifred5 By  Jennifred5    

    Duster With Spray

    I would defininately recommend these dusters for homes that are pet friendly. I spray a dusting spray on the duster before using for best results. If I am reviewing the dusters with the spray together then it would be a full five plus stars.

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  • kugrad2005 By  kugrad2005    

    for ewy jobs

    usually i go for something eco friendly but when I have a gross mess this does the job!

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  • lisasam By  lisasam     SheSpeaks Tester

    Great for Dusting

    Love that these pick up and attract dust. There?s no need to go back and forth several times - one sweep and the dust is gone.

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  • diamonddomino By  diamonddomino    

    It actively picks the dust up with ease and manages to hold on to it as well. unlike other dusters just dust it off into the air. causing allergens in the air.

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  • rblack09 By  rblack09    

    Love swiffer

    Best thing around especially with pets. It's catches everything and doesn't let it go.

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  • Valicia By  Valicia    

    Great results

    I would definitely recommend this product when my ac filter wasn't working it got dust all over our cabinets and this swifter really worked like a charm by picking up 80 percent of the dust. I also used it to remove dust off of my shoes too I love this product.

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  • jenrenh By  jenrenh    

    Awesome product!

    Love the Swiffer Duster! It gets the dust and pet hair that regular dusters would usually leave behind. It is great for those hard to reach areas.

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  • Nydrom1984 By  Nydrom1984    

    Great cleaner

    Moms best friend ever. I use this to clean my rooms, basically everywhere. I love how inexpensive they are and how you can buy them anywhere.

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  • katrinasolano By  katrinasolano    

    I love using these swiffers when dusting. It makes it so much easier and they actually pick up a lot of dust and even gets the dog hair

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  • Heather1980 By  Heather1980    

    Great product

    I will be honest my husband bought this product because he hates dusting. I thought he wasted our hard earned money but I was so wrong. It does a great job and is not hard to use. And on the upside my husband dusts way more now.

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  • mallgirl By  mallgirl    

    Grabs all the dust you can't reach

    This makes dusting all the hard to reach nooks and crannies of your home easy. Disposing of the attachment is a lot easier than trying to clean a featherduster. I love using this product.

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  • tsmith4 By  tsmith4    

    Swiffer takes out dust bunnies

    Swiffer picks up the dirt and doesn't drop it. This is a high-quality product that makes dusting more pleasant.

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