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  • Gmax123 By  Gmax123    

    A staple for your shower

    I have sensitive skin but this works great. I began using this over a year ago and the bottle is not even half empty! Definitely get a lot for your money.

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  • Wiccanbat666 By  Wiccanbat666    

    It's an okay product.

    My mother was obsessed with these washes when I was living there. I liked the smell, but it dried my skin out and I wasn't a fan of that. My mother would stock up on them and recommend them to me. They work alright, but they just weren't a product for me.

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  • BobbieC By  BobbieC    

    I really like it.

    This is the only down there wash that I will use. It does not have a strong fragrance smell and I always feel fresh after using it.

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  • Kryska33 By  Kryska33    

    The best for down under!

    This is the best soap for the down there region. Makes me feel very fresh. I would keep purchasing it.

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  • Gemstar37 By  Gemstar37    

    Summers eve cleansing wash

    I love Sumners Eve cleansing wash. I use this daily in my shower , I sweat alot from working out. This makes me feel fresh without heavy perfume

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  • darianweaver By  darianweaver    

    Good stuff

    Always have loved using this line. No problems, always feel clean and refreshed. Would repurchase time and time again.

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  • ManicMom By  ManicMom    

    I love this product because it's gentle and lightly scented. It's a whole body soap....yep, even down there! :)

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  • AmandaAnn2014 By  AmandaAnn2014    

    I can't use just anything on my skin, so when I found this I was excited. This left my skin soft and has a light sent.

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  • Heathernicole86 By  Heathernicole86    

    I love using this product because it doesn't have a strong smell and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and soft.

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  • pgnursingirl2011 By  pgnursingirl2011    

    I LOVE THIS!! I always have some in my shower at home, i use all summers eve products. Keeps you fresh all day and night.

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  • consteche By  consteche    

    Really good product for your private areas. Great to use during your special time of the month, and any other times when you want to refresh "that area". What I find most valuable about them is sometimes your other bath products can irritate your skin in that place but none of the Summers Even bath items have ever caused irritation for me. I would definitely recommend this as a good couple of times a week item to use for the ladies.

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  • sarahrhiannon333 By  sarahrhiannon333    

    love this product its the only one I ever use definitely recommend it to anyone.

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  • ilovetom15 By  ilovetom15    

    Love it smells so great and works great too. I think this is one of the best products out there.

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  • Khanadah By  Khanadah    

    Ok. IDK what I was thinking when I purchased this product. Well, yes I do. I thought this was a wash for the vag not the whole body. It wasn't until I saw the commercial that I found out that it was for the whole body. Oh well. I love it. It's gentle and not irritation. Great product.

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  • mrsninja By  mrsninja    

    Leaves you feeling fresh without irritation.

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