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  • englishprof By  englishprof    

    Worth Buying

    Though I'm never a fan of overpackaging, I've been using these for a few years, and they are great. They're convenient, gentle, and hold enough moisture to be effective. Plus, they are reasonably priced (and they are often manufacturer's coupons). Don't hesitate to buy these.

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  • symatheson By  symatheson    

    Awesome product for anytime or anywhere.

    These wipes are amazing! Love they are pre-packaged so taking them with you is sooo easy. Now you always have something on hand to freshen up anytime and anywhere! HIGHLY recommend these!

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  • SabKayLat By  SabKayLat    

    Best feminine wipes on the market in my opinion. Love the scent and the price is hard to beat as well. And you van find it anywhere

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  • Bibischli By  Bibischli    

    Fresh and clean

    Leaves me clean and feeling fresh. Eliminates bad odors immediately. Wouldnt go without them!

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  • Adefull4255 By  Adefull4255    

    They are very travel friendly. They smell nice and unlike a lot of products they don?t irritate my skin.

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  • Mrsebrust By  Mrsebrust    

    Pretty good but you need time to dry

    I loved the smell of these but the dampness left me feeling less than fresh. After using I had to sit and wait before continuing on my day.

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  • Theweirdone By  Theweirdone    

    Never leave home without it

    10/10 A must, anywhere you go. I love these, helps when you dont wanna take the whole bag with you. Smells fresh and clean Great for sensitive skin (like me!!)

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  • Leopardmomma By  Leopardmomma    

    Great wipes for everyday and on the go.

    I love these things. I like them because I can take them on the go with me. they are easy to carry. They dont irritate my skin. The only thing I wish is that the packaging would have an inner liner so they are less likely to dry out if they have sat in your purse for a while. I like to keep these for just in case situations also and have found that if they have sat in my purse for too long that they bleed through and dry up over time. But other than that they are fantastic wipes. I would recommend these to every female out there.

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  • Crunchymama09 By  Crunchymama09    

    Love these for freshening up.

    I use these when I need to freshen up after a long day out in the sun, or even sometimes during my period. The smell is always pleasant. I don't find it gives me and problems with my pH either.

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  • JCrutch04 By  JCrutch04    

    Leaves you feeling fresh. Perfect travel size. Smells good.

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  • Tayler05 By  Tayler05    

    Does the job

    Good buy! Would prefer unscented. Perfect for long commute or traveling.

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  • cdgregory2009 By  cdgregory2009    

    Perfect for camping.

    Perfect for traveling, especially camping. Not overly scented, but has a nice moisture that won?t dry out because they are individually wrapped. I typically don?t like individually wrapped items because of the excess packaging, but somethings just need to be.

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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    Best wipes ever

    Leaves you feeling so clean great if your in a rush with no time to shower I love the sent never any problems with dried out wipes super convenient I would like to buy it again

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  • Herfun1986 By  Herfun1986    


    Fresh sent cleans skin well great value it's worth the trip to the store I loved this product would buy if again in the future

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  • Neesecolumbus By  Neesecolumbus    

    Great for on the go you can freshen up any time of the day‼️ And the smell isn?t too overpowering

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