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  • gmoney1951 By  gmoney1951    

    they work

    Big fan of Summers Eve's products they all do a great job for me

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  • sevenstars07 By  sevenstars07    

    Works great

    This is the best wash for your intimate area. It makes me feel so clean and it smells great

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  • Jenniferhamilton444 By  Jenniferhamilton444    

    A woman must have!

    I just absolutely love this product it's truly unexplainable. All you women out there I suggest you try this and u will fall in love as I did!!!!

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  • dannyjeanne By  dannyjeanne    

    Great for sensitive skin

    I love this feminine wash. I use it every day. I have very sensitive skin and this does not irritate me at all.

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  • MzIesha By  MzIesha    

    Love it!

    I am very happy with this product. I have purchased several scents and have recommended this product to friends and family.

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  • clairerocks01 By  clairerocks01    

    Absolutely great!

    The best feminine wash there is ! I use it every day also as a body wash ! The wipes are great too. Individually wrapped great to take anywhere with you to use on the go.

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  • sandramburns1959 By  sandramburns1959    

    Awesome products.

    These are not only for your female parts, but for breakouts on your back and face. I use the cucumber one, for that.

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  • Jaxmom3 By  Jaxmom3    

    All day freshness

    I use Summer's Eve Delicate Blossoms Feminine Wash on a daily basis. Gives you that extra fresh all day feeling.

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  • mingee08 By  mingee08    

    Nothing Compares to Summer's Eve!!

    I use the Summer's Eve Delicate Blossoms Feminine Wash on a regular basis. It's gentle on my super sensitive skin and has a light pretty floral scent. Summer's Eve Feminine Wash always leaves my lady bits feeling clean, smelling sweet & refreshed. I definitely recommend all the Summer's Eve Feminine Wash products, they're all made with the thoughtful care of female hygiene, being the priority.

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  • TheFitGirl By  TheFitGirl    

    My go to brand!

    I have tried all the scents and they all smell lovely. It is very gentle and is very good for sensitive skin. It does not burn when washing like some other brands. It also cleans very well. Wonderful product overall.

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  • glowinggoddess By  glowinggoddess    

    Gentle wash.

    I love the gentleness of this wash and the scent is mild as well.

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  • Quiet2468 By  Quiet2468    

    Not a big fan

    Bought this brand name because I had a coupon and after using it for a few months and I?m switching back to my original brand. Not a fan of how it feels or smells.

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  • Melody_2020 By  Melody_2020    

    Good for sensitive skin

    Does not burn on the skin and smells very good. It does what it's supposed to do.

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  • tjs68111 By  tjs68111    

    Great for sensitive areas!

    Great for sensitive skin and has a nice scent too! Use it every time I shower!

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  • aritayes By  aritayes    

    Smells Pure

    Good scents. Decent amount of suds. Good for sensitive area.

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