Summer infant Baby Touch WiFi video monitor

Summer infant Baby Touch WiFi video monitor

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Slightly helpful but sub quality product standard. I am not a fan. It is somewhat helpful due to the audio system but cameras do not have a good picture as they should with today's technology. They do not turn around the room as I feel they All should by now. The pricepoint is not terrible for the system but high for the quality of product!

Perfect Worth every penny for my ease of mind and my daughter's safety. I love this monitor!

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its actually kinda expensive. i don't see the need to have a video monitor when there are a lot of free apps that would make face-to-face interaction possible. you could easily leave an ipad at home or use someone's phone to video call your baby while at work.

This monitor is great. There are so many features that makes this product stand out from all the rest of the baby monitors. Some of the features that I use regularly, the two way voice communication so that my son can hear my voice thru the monitor, motion tracking camera (which automatically repositions itself when my son moves in his crib), the temperature gauge and the scrolling/zoom features. This monitor is superb. I also love the night vision clarity. The only negative about this product is the initial setup for the internet viewing option. This was slightly challenging and required several calls to the customer service department. With the issue resolved, I can now see my son on my phone when I'm at work and capture precious moments that I would have missed. I can also snap pictures while in this mode.