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  • tiramisu888 By  tiramisu888    

    pretty good pads

    My go to brand of pads. I switch between this one and Rael. It's absorbent and comfortable for me. I like that it's not overpriced like the other brands. The only thing is I wish it didn't have any fragrance. Sometimes there's a strong smell to this pad.

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  • ashbrianda By  ashbrianda    

    A great product

    It's a great product and I also like that the pads are thin they don't take that much space in my purse .

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  • feeshea By  feeshea    

    These are my go to brand of pads. I think I have bought more stayfree pads over the years than any other brand. They use to go on sale and there would be coupons available for them very often. I like that these pads are thin and adsorbent.

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  • Speakjenni77 By  Speakjenni77    

    Great Product. Great Price. I would recommend to others.

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  • tzdelar By  tzdelar    

    Stay Free and Kotex are pretty much the only brands I buy, but I'm 45 and my periods seem to have stopped! Time will tell, nothing happening for about four months now.

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  • newhope14 By  newhope14    

    Good protection on the light side and cost is affordable.

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    its comfortable to use I liked this product, I always use it.

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  • SweetPea83 By  SweetPea83    

    stay free is a good brand. one of the few brands you know that's gonna be high quality that's been around :]

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  • TInaDane By  TInaDane    

    my go to products never had a problem

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  • mespeaks99 By  mespeaks99    

    I have used store brands in the past and I find this product superior. It is worth paying more to get a better product when it comes to feminine products. This is a thinner style so it is more comfortable to wear but works just as well as the thicker product. I would recommend this to friends/family.

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  • misty48507 By  misty48507    

    Really love Stayfree Stayfree Ultra Thin Regular , it keeps you clean , fresh and doesn't fall apart

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  • Justmissash By  Justmissash    

    Comfy and reliable and absorbent. Not as pricey as other brands and has a great value for quantity.

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  • tammybaby By  tammybaby    

    They aren't comfortable at all to wear nor do they stay in place like Always. Plus I've had several accidents while wearing these. :(

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  • Shelleyycarter By  Shelleyycarter    

    These are not very comfortable.

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  • MariGhare By  MariGhare    

    I have used them several times and they absorb very well.

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