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  • Tay0914 By  Tay0914    

    Yes they work well but they cover almost all of your underwear and are so thick it feels like a diaper.

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  • Mdblasioli By  Mdblasioli    

    Try them!

    These pads are the best overnight ones I have ever used. They are thin enough that you cannot feel them, yet they are absorbent enough to wear all night without a problem. They are super long (practically your whole underwear) which is great for the first few nights of your period. I would absolutely recommend.

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  • valentta By  valentta    

    Cottony soft

    This is my go to brand. Ever since I was a little girl and saw an ad in a preteen magazine to get a free period kit from Stayfree I was hooked. That was 29 years ago. But it also doesn?t feel like a diaper and doesn?t feel plasticky at all unlike certain Always pads. Stayfree is very comfy and soft.

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  • Caslovesdean By  Caslovesdean    

    Very very absorbent!! Would definetly recommend. I havent bought a different brand of pads in years.

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  • Nvc1127 By  Nvc1127    

    Very absorbent, would actually recommend this more than other brands.

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  • Liongal80 By  Liongal80    


    Great product, does the trick and very absorbent. Comes in a variety of sizes and easy to find at the stores.

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  • Sohair By  Sohair    

    Absorbs nicely

    This is feels very comfortable and stays in place and absorbs nicely

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  • Meg_sanchez1u By  Meg_sanchez1u    

    Love this brand and these in particular. I actually used these right after I had my son. One thing you need after a vaginal birth is a bad that will step up to the challenge and this did. I was so happy with these pads. Now I use nothing else.

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  • Catsarepurry By  Catsarepurry    

    Love them

    Love these so much! No leaks and they make you feel safe from leaks!

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  • Christina27 By  Christina27    

    These overnight pads are great. I love stayfree it's the only brand I use.

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  • lindsay1211 By  lindsay1211    

    Before I became pregnant i had to use these at night time when i was on my period. I have a very heavy flow and these are the only pads i can use at night and not wake up to a bloody mess.

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  • Lyndsey_frost By  Lyndsey_frost    


    These are great for overnight especially with heavy flows. They cover almost everything so leaking isn't a worry

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  • Jmpms1127 By  Jmpms1127    

    Coverage is key

    I really like how safe I feel wearing these pads to bed, knowing I am protected.

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  • mollzim9 By  mollzim9    

    stayfree forever

    Love stayfree maxi pads. They keep me fresh and clean and no accidents. Thank you stayfree

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  • Kristi5858 By  Kristi5858    

    Stayfree from stains!

    Stayfree is my favorite brand of Maxi pads. Especially the ones with wings. They are comfortable and one of my favorite things about them is that they have a very light, clean, fresh, scent to them. Overnights are great because they are long and you really don't have to worry about anything leaking while you're laying down. The night guard zone is absolutely perfect for that.

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