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  • Lcjones0519 By  Lcjones0519    

    Coffee Energy boost

    I really enjoy these Starbucks Doubleshot energy drinks each morning and most afternoons. They come in a variety of flavors but my favorite of all is Hazelnut. It reminds me almost of ice cream. White chocolate is pretty decent also, tasting much like chocolate milk. Before these two flavors were available I would stick with Vanilla or Mocha. The names are pretty much self explanatory. The Coffee taste just like it says only cold, and Spicy Vanilla or Mexican Mocha are my least favorites, only because I don?t care to mix anything sweet and spicy together. All of these 15fl oz cans have 145mg of caffeine. These can be pretty expensive depending on where you purchase them but some stores will generally sell them on sale 2/$5 which isn?t as bad as their original not on sale price of anywhere between $3-$4. I used to be very addicted to these that the caffeine was really messing up my bladder. I don?t recommend drinking more than 2x a day. Too much caffeine isn?t good for us and can wreak havoc on our urinary tract, among other things that we would never guess caffeine alone could do. After I decreased my amounts to 1 or 2 a day I was able to enjoy the boost that I needed plus lowering my tolerance back down to actually notice it doing its job and I wasn?t constantly blowing money like I was on these. I am able to get things done during my morning routines or work shifts and boost through a afternoon slump. I have to say these are my all time favorite out of all energy drinks I?ve ever tried and they don?t have that weird after taste like most energy drinks often do. I also like to get the double shot espresso drinks every once in awhile if I want to drink a quick shot to get a faster boost. These tend to be more bitter tasting.


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