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  • ivaldivia By  ivaldivia    

    Love these as a quick buy when in a hurry. Every time I go to a gas station I don?t leave without one!

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  • Shycat45 By  Shycat45    

    Love this drink so refreshing and wonderful would recommend

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  • HelgaHelga By  HelgaHelga    

    cool and refreshing

    This is our favorite cold coffee beverage. Its perfect for a drink on the go.

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  • Mayim7 By  Mayim7    


    I like to buy this in bulk. I drink eat with my donut on the go.

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  • Connie1963 By  Connie1963    


    Awesome taste and great for on the go.just wish be coupons out on it and less pricey.

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  • Hwaggoner By  Hwaggoner    


    love the taste of this and it helps in the morning to wake me up.

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  • MJDilla By  MJDilla    


    I love this stuff...a bit pricy but worth it! I have tried all of the flavors and they are all very good.

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    Worth trying you be hoooked!

    When i got shopping i buy Starbucks frappacchinos my all time fav is vanilla that is my go to.. at 31 grams of sugar i know its worth it. I start my day with it and ends with it

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  • LuckyBobtail By  LuckyBobtail    

    A quick easy cup of coffee! Perfect for the summer heat and with the different frappuccino flavors, you can't go wrong.

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  • SamNau By  SamNau    

    Coffee on a hot sunny day

    One of the the yummiest products from Starbucks, the blend of coffee and cream. If you want a coffee on a hot sunny day, Frappuccino is the answer.

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  • Dzenita By  Dzenita    

    Starbucks Frap

    If you like cold coffee, you cant go wrong. I have plenty of friends who consider this their go to drink. I, on the other hand, just find it to be okay. Its not phenomenal but it's not bad either. Plus its much cheaper than actually getting a Starbucks drink at one of their franchises. For the price, its worth a try.

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  • mrober16 By  mrober16    

    I love them

    Flavor always good. My favorite is the mocha. Highly packed with sugar, but I mean, you shouldn't expect less when it tastes super good. Might not be like the freshness of getting it right at a starbucks, but a quick way to get the taste and caffeine.

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  • Malia024 By  Malia024    


    This USB a good drink but still doesn't compare to the usual Starbucks drink. It is good in a pinch but not great.

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  • ambernbube By  ambernbube    


    the Starbucks frappacchino drinks are amazing i love how it has the milky taste with the coffee mocha is the best but i do all of them

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  • emaxwell By  emaxwell    

    these are good for when you need a quick pick up. Use to drink these like water when I was younger, but now I really notice the amount of sugar in it.

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