Starbucks Cafe Verona Dark Ground Coffee

Starbucks Cafe Verona Dark Ground Coffee

              Rated #95 in Coffee & Tea
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A little bitter for my Taste Starbucks is one of my favorite coffees but this one is quite bitter. I prefer to buy the whole bean and ground it myself. If you don't drink this one fairly quickly it starts to get a little odor in the bag. Once brewed it has a good flavor but it's quite strong.

Bold Starbucks always has such great coffee beans; this one is no exception! I definitely prefer the dark roast!

Nice middle-of-the-road dark roast I prefer a dark roast coffee, and the Starbucks Verona blend is pretty decent. It's not super dark, like a french roast, but is a well balanced, dark blend that takes well to any dairy you might add to it. There's no one tasting note that really sticks out for me, which is fine. Starbucks coffees are also fairly easy to find, although your local Starbucks or grocery store may carry other blends.

If you like your coffee strong, you will love Starbucks Verona Dark.

I love strong coffee and have been drinking coffee for a long time. This coffee had a very distinct aroma and taste. It had a bit of a smokey undertone. It was full bodied and not acidic. I found this a nice change from my other flavors. I highly recommend if you are an avid aficionado.

So yummy! My favorite coffee, by far! So dark and good and it's Starbucks! ;)

Meh coffee Drinkable, but really not the best coffee out there. Starbucks is better at home than at their shops, but cheaper coffee is still often better.

We love Verona in my house, I gave it four stars because then need to lower that price. I would recommend this product to my family and friends but keep in mind is not cheap.

Before I stopped drinking coffee, this was my favorite. Smooth, dark, and slightly sweet. It is beautiful.

This is my favorite Starbucks ground coffee. It is a very dark, rich roast coffee with just a slight hint of sweetness. Because it is so dark, I find I don't have to use as much compared to other brands of coffee. Not only does it get you going in the morning, but it goes great with flavored creamers for a mid-day treat! I find it on sale quite often at Target for about $8 for a 20 oz. bag.