St. Martin's Press Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris

St. Martin's Press Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris

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A Page turner This is a true psychological thriller. Grace thinks she has meet and married the perfect man in Jack but soon realizes that she did not. At first I was not a fan of how the book flipped between the past and present. But I soon realized that was what was making the book good. We got to know the both Grace and Jack. I could not stop turning pages and could not put this book now. I do not want to give anymore of the book away.I received a ARC of this.

Ohmagoodness 🥰 I got this from our local library. It's been a while but I still remember vividly loving this, while simultaneously hating it (for all the right reasons). Very suspenseful, which I love and it shows a level of strength that only a woman can display when she loves something so much. Ultimately becoming even stronger with the choices she makes. A very good read!

Worth every minute! Captivating! I read this book in one day and I could not stop reading it! I felt myself anxiously waiting to see what happened. So anxious, I contemplated skipping a few chapters, but I didn't. Great ending! I have been looking for a great thriller, and although very horrific in circumstance, I enjoyed every minute of it! I even read the book with my boyfriend and he loved it as well!

Very intriguing plot and characters - you gotta check it out! This books captures your interest from the minute you start reading. The characters are intriguing and the plot is suspenseful. This book is an easy and quick read. I really liked the way the book reverts from past and present allowing the reader insight into how things have gone so wrong for the main character. Don't miss this fun and exciting book!

Suspense-filled Secrecy This book had me intrigued through the 1st chapter! As you go on to read you ask yourself, how can this couple be so perfect? Then the suspense and curiosity of what is next keeps you reading and reading...A definite must read! Grace is such a heroic character, but it also shows you how important support is!

A suspenseful thriller that keeps you wanting more I really enjoyed this book ! Jack and Grace seem like the ideal couple. He is a attractive lawyer, she is his beautiful & charming stay-at-home wife who also is a caregiver to her special needs sister Millie. They live in a beautiful home, his law career is thriving, she hosts elegant dinner parties and is a loving & supportive wife and sister. Their life seems perfect. They seem to have it all. The characters of Jack, Grace and Millie are captivating and immediately draw you in. The storyline is intriguing and suspenseful. This is definitely a page turner that keeps you wanting to know more while keeping you on the edge of your seat. What seemingly looks like the perfect life, the perfect marriage is actually something that is dark & sinister once you get a deeper look in to their lives. You never know what goes on behind closed doors. If you like reading chilling suspenseful thrillers that draw in you page after page I definitely recommend picking up this book.

A woman's intuition and a sister... Reading the reviews by women saying this story is unbelievable is clearly a woman who has not gone through atleast half of the torment that Grace had to go through in the book. While reading this book- I couldn't help but compare Grace to myself and Jack to my ex-husband. My marriage was controlling and a living hell. The thoughts that Grace had were some of the same thoughts I had until I finally found a way out and took it. Unfortunately for Grace, she had no way out. Grace's relationship with her sister is beautiful also. This book was slow to start- but once it got going, I couldn't put it down. Finished it in 2 days.

You never know what's Behind Closed Doors... The only words I can think to describe this book are dark, chilling, and terrifying. Not in a scary movie kind of way, but in a "this could be happening to anyone I know at any time" kind of way. Grace and Jack seem like the epitome of perfection. They are a wealthy, good looking, personable couple. However, not everything is as it seems. It's a harrowing reminder to remember that in our own daily lives. Grace's younger sister Millie, who has Down syndrome, is an integral part of the book as well. I too have a sister with Down syndrome, and found Millie's character very nicely written. I am a big fan of this book and will be recommending it to others. (I received this book for free from SheSpeaks).

Great book keeps you pulled in. I enjoyed reading this book. I just wanted to keep reading it. It's very intense and has you guessing everything! Gripping storyline that keeps in pulled in. I received a free copy to read and review.

Behind Close Doors a real page turner I received free copy of Behind Closed Doors from SheSpeaks program to a honest and unbiased review. Seems like a love story when starts out, but all is not what it seems. What goes on #BehindClpsedDoors tells a very different story indeed. A real page turner. Suspenseful and keep me on the edge of my sit up to end. I am an avid reader and when I really enjoy a book, I will read it pretty much in one sitting. Well I had to take a few breaks, just to absorb what I had read, but this was a great book. I highly recommend it.

a page turner From the first chapter to the last chapter I enjoyed this book. It starts out like any love story, boy meets girl, they fall in love and get married.. but what goes on #Behindcloseddoors is not like anything you would ever dream of. The story of Jack and Grace will keep you turning pages from the beginning to the end. It is a book you won't want to put down. While Grace is as sweet as her name, Jack is one of a kind. I received this book from the SheSpeaks program to review for free to give my honest and unbiased review.

Couldn't Put It Down All Weekend I received this book from the SheSpeaks program to review for free for my honest and unbiased review. For that I thank She Speaks! I haven't become so engrossed with a book in a long time. I spent the weekend getting lost in the shock, rage, frustration, confusion, and all of the extreme emotions you will find yourself in while flipping every last page. You can't help but feel for the characters on various levels and it will leave you wanting more. What a great book if you like criminal cases..this one is for you!

Psyched Me Out I admit, when I first started reading, I thought this book might be similar to a couple others I've read in the past. However, once the pace picked up a bit, I understood right away why Behind Closed Doors was going to stand out from the rest... I like to think reading a psychological thriller is--of course--going to be intense and nerve-wracking, but worth it. Especially when I can try to figure out what's really going on "behind closed doors" if the book calls for it. Not only did this book call out for me to strive to do just so while reading, but also while eating, cleaning, and yes--sleeping! The twists just kept me thinking night and day. It doesn't take a detective to figure out what this book's about. However, that certainly doesn't take away from how enthralling it is. Once you dive in, you're immersed in Grace's world until you finally come up for air. It's hard to see what's headed your way. And the ending... The ending is "perfect" as Grace's husband, Jack Angel, would say. *I received this book for free from SheSpeaks in exchange for an honest review.

A real page turner I received this book for free from She Speaks to read and review. This story has lots of twists and turns that really keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going it happen next. I haven't finished yet, but I can't wait to find out how it ends.

great!!!!!!!! This was an great book. I could hardly set it aside for even one minute. I took it to work and read it between my free time when it was possible. Even so, I raced through this at a hurtling speed, often holding my breath and on occasion, stamping my feet in frustration. All I have to say is Wow, unbelievable. There was nothing that I didn't like about this novel, it was a very addictive which was read in a few days. It could easily be one of the biggest books of the year. I received this book for free from SheSpeaks. My thoughts are my own. ‪#‎BehindClosedDoors‬