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  • Leebreview By  Leebreview    

    Great scrub always

    The first ever scrub I used and still this is my first preference to use when I find it in store.This just cleans and scrubs so well on my forehead and nose.Really love this product.

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  • kch31283 By  kch31283    

    I have loved this for years!

    I've literally been using this for 20-some odd yers. It's cheap, it's efficient, and it makes my skin look great. I have sensitive skin, so I only use it once a week; that's enough for me.

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  • treat2c By  treat2c    

    Different Formula, But Still Works

    I started using this product back in 1996 when I was in college. It was a part of my "must have" skin treatment kit. Fast forward to 2020, I am still using it. There have been some changes made to the formula to better be used by people with sensitive skin, but the product still works well.

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  • twomomsmanykidsandmore By  twomomsmanykidsandmore    

    Love this exfoliant for 10 years

    I love this product because it leave our skin feeling refreshed. We love the way it smells and feels. We have been a fan of this product for over 10 years and recommend it to everyone looking for a great exfoliant.

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  • Brittany8977 By  Brittany8977    

    To harsh

    I never liked this scrub. I think the shells are way to rough on the face in this. It never helped with breakouts. Yes it's a great price and lasts awhile but it's not worth anything if it doesn't help with acne. Just an uncomfortable product.

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  • Tjnamyd7 By  Tjnamyd7    

    A must have!

    This has been my go to since I was a teenager. I love the gentle exfoliation and the way my skin feels after use. For heavy makeup use, this is great to help keep pores clean and prevent acne!

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  • AmAtHome By  AmAtHome    

    40+ years, yikes!

    I've used this since the 70's/80's - holy cow! It doesn't irritate my sometimes sensitive and my skin feels smoother after using.

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  • olgvi3 By  olgvi3    

    Nice smell

    Have been using this scrub for years. It has a nice smell, however it' a little harsh on my skin when I use it often.

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  • ycherry By  ycherry    

    Great Working Product! A Plus

    Great face scrubber! Makes my face so smooth! Have used it for years!

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  • MamaBear3 By  MamaBear3    

    This scrub Has always been a part of my skin care routine. I?ve purchased this for 15+ years and it?s never disappointed. It?s gentle and effective. It gets rid of dead skin cells while rejuvenating. I definitely owe this to helping me look younger than i am as well. i usually use this in the shower. The warm water and steam help soften my skin while opening up my pores, it also makes it so this is softer when applying.

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  • Mhende12 By  Mhende12    


    Please dont use this on your skin!! The little beads in this scrub create micro tears in your skin over time which leads to dry skin, acne and creates texture (and everyone wants smooth skin, right??) I work in the beauty industry and went to cosmetology school. I have so many friends that are estheticians. This stuff is horrible for your skin

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  • Danelee By  Danelee    

    Fair Face Scrub

    I will use this product. Not my favorite face scrub but I love St. Ives products

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  • nanakimbo By  nanakimbo    


    A very good product smells amazing.I really liked thid product!!

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  • prothumia By  prothumia    

    A classic creamy scrub

    Accept no substitute! This classic scrub is always in my bathroom. This creamy scrub helps to exfoliate and also soothe my sensitive skin.

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  • Kcnicole81388 By  Kcnicole81388    

    This is my newest best friend. I purchased this from Kroger for under $5 out of pure desperation. I had very broken out skin: chest, face, back. I had literally tried EVERYTHING!! This product cleared my face up OVER NIGHT. I kid you not. I then used it on my thighs, which get ingrown hairs easily. They ALSO looked better over night. I will NEVER purchase anything else!

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