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  • natasaangelidou By  natasaangelidou    

    I enjoy playing it on my tablet and I am definitely getting the board game! It makes you observe more things and gives a reason for not zapping when there are ads on tv ;-)

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  • natbag By  natbag    

    Easy Fun

    The Logo game is great for any party setting and does not have very difficult questions to answer.

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  • SimplySherryl By  SimplySherryl    

    This game is one that will have you scratching your head and rolling in laughter. You know that you know the logo... but can't spit it out! We play this on family game night with all ages. The little ones can often come up with the name of the brand before the adults!

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  • RobynsWorld By  RobynsWorld    

    This is one of my families favorite games to play on game night (we do it once a month). Age range of family that plays is from teens to senior citizens in our family. There are plenty of fairly easy questions so that no one feels stupid in the game, but enough more difficult questions to be a fun challenge as well.

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  • hkysns1 By  hkysns1    

    We received the Logo game as a gift, and it is the best new game we have played. We had a group of nine people ages 14 to 65 and we all loved it.

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