Snuza  Halo Baby Movement Monitor

Snuza Halo Baby Movement Monitor

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Another thing new parents get scarred into buyjng I feel like this item prayed on my first time mom fears to make a buck. When using it it wouldn't stay put and would wiggle and vibrate off the diaper through the night and I was super painful to have to reattach at night between diaper changes so we ended up not using it most the time

Not Really Helpful I received this for my fourth baby and honestly only used it a couple times. Maybe as a veteran mom I just didn't have the same fears about my baby, but I found it more of a hassle than a help. I didn't want to leave it on her all the time but I couldn't always plan her naps (as a newborn) so she'd fall asleep without it on and then I didn't want to wake her up by putting it on. I think if your baby is born with health issues or is premature, this would be great, but for a normal, healthy baby, it's probably not necessary.

Amazing! Definitely worth the money! I bought this for my first child and I loved it. I highly recommend.

Very expensive purchase, but so handy and useful. You honestly feel safe and comfortable when you have this monitor on your baby.

I loved my snuza. We used it from 1 month till 5 months. It was a lifesaver and gave us peace of mind. It provided me with more sleep. Every now and then a false alarm happened but not much to be a problem. I will use it for my next baby too.

My parents bought this for my little one and I swear by this! It doesn't bother the baby while she sleeps and it's amazing. I use it all the time. I can sleep at night knowing that she is safe. It's very simple to work. My husband even has it figured out. It is a little pricey, but you can't really put a price on a life saving device. Save up and get this! I swear you won't regret it!

I loved having this when I had my first child. It was an expensive purchase, but it was one I decided to make after I realized I wasn't getting any sleep out of fear that I'd wake up to him not breathing. Any new mother is always fearful of something like this, and although ours never went off, it certainly allowed me to sleep easy at night. In my opinion, anything that will help a new momma sleep (even if it's just a worry-reliever) is 100% worth the money. We did test it out a few times to make sure that absence of movement would actually set it off, so I'm sure that the product would work as intended if there were a problem, fortunately we never saw it do anything more than alert us that it had "vibrated" our son to remind him to breathe normally again.

This product has been a life saver (literally). It's a little monitor about two inches long that clips to the baby and detects breathing movements. You attach it to the front of the diaper or pants of the baby. The tip has a movement detection sensor on it and will sound off with a vibration at 15 seconds with no movement from the baby. Then at 20 seconds if still no movement from the baby. It vibrates and sounds off a loud alarm to alert you then. I lost my son Five years ago to SIDS. And have since had two more kids to which I have used some sort of movement monitor to keep a closer eye out. I just had a baby 9 weeks ago and this was the one item that I just had to have above all others! It does sometimes slide over and not detect movement and sound off when nothing was wrong. But, In my opinion and experience I would rather have a false alarm than be sorry without this monitor. It is a little expensive at about $100 and you can buy replaceable batteries online from $5-$15 a pop. I am personally on my second battery but have used this thing all night every night and sometime during naps. So, the battery does last a very long time! As a mother of 4, I reccomend this to every mother who is expecting or if you have a newborn or infant!! You just can't put a price on your childs life! Worth every penny!