Smartfood Popcorn

Smartfood Popcorn

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Love this Smart food white cheddar popcorn is my favorite popcorn ever!! Id buy these everyday for the rest of my life lol

smartpop badded popcorn i bought smartpop bagged popcorn. i simply loved the flavor, no unpopped kernel! will definately buy many times again. especially when its on sale!

Fewer kernels than many This popcorn is popcorn. It's okay, but nothing special. What I DID like is there weren't a lot of unpopped kernels or bits of popcorn skin to get stuck in your teeth requiring floss to get out.

Yum! This is one of my favorite white cheddar popcorn brands. The taste is great and addictive. The taste is so good that it makes it worthwhile to have to later deal with the crunchy parts getting stuck in between your teeth.

Very good! This is the second-best popcorn I have ever had (second to genuine movie theater popcorn). I like that there aren't too many un-popped pieces at the bottom of the bag. The only downside about this popcorn is the mess it leaves on your hands when you've finished eating it.

Tastes Good! I love Smartfood Popcorn White Cheddar! It has a great taste and it's a healthy snack to eat. I could eat these any time of day with a sandwich or just a bag by itself. I definitely recommend!

Favorite Snack This is my favorite popcorn. I snack on it every night. Just the right amount of cheddar flavor.

Talking about smartfood popcorn This popcorn is so good, I have been enjoying this product for years. it is always a Very pleasant and good-tasting snack I always look forward to buying this product. My Daughters in the past have always purchased this product for a healthy snack and very tasty for many years..

Tastes great I buy this as much as possible, it's taste is amazing?but it is a bit pricey in my opinion

Satisfying could eat a whole bag at once, but I force myself to eat it in portions!! This stuff is SO good!! Its perfect to snack on, on road trips, the list goes on!! If you're looking for a cheesy popcorn I would most definitely recommend this. Yum!

Not hot cheese O-Ke-Doke popcorn? Beware! You call this popcorn?? Have you ever tried Hot Cheese O-Ke-Doke popcorn? This pales in comparison. I bought hot cheese O-Ke-Doke popcorn and boy howdy them things were HOT!!! I found them at my local gas station in California. Talk about a holy grail! Now I like spicy food, but this stuff had my mouth on fire. At first I tried to stop eating them but the flavor is so good I couldn't get enough. Even though my tongue had burnt some taste buds off, I couldn't stop!! Seriously, there were literal craters in my tongue. But I bought out all the hot cheese O-Ke-Doke popcorn in my area. I lost my job. My wife left me. All cause I can't stop eating hot cheese O-Ke-Doke popcorn. I tried to wean off by buying an off brand hot cheese popcorn, but I ended up puking it all up. In fact nothing I eat satisfies me anymore. In summary? meh

THE BEST The only popcorn I LOVE to eat and doesn't get stuck in my throat

Yum I LOVE the taste of this popcorn and it's a hit in my household. My only issue is that it gets stuck in my teeth/back of my throat more than other kinds of popcorn snacks I've had.

Delicious snack that everyone can enjoy This popcorn is insanely delicious! I love the White Cheddar & the Sweet N Salty flavors. OMG they're so good! I also love that it has less fat & calories than other brands =D

A Family Favorite I love popcorn and love this brand. It's not loaded with imitation butter flavor or loaded with salt. You can eat the entire bag (well I do lol) and not feel guilty. My family also loves to dig in and sometimes the bags are missing. I find them in the kids room almost empty. They also come in cheese flavored which is equally as good.