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  • jamiequeenking By  jamiequeenking    

    Perfect for travel

    Perfect for on the go. All ready 2oz distribution.

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  • Loepsie By  Loepsie    

    Similac to the Rescue!

    Breast is best, but when you can't, then Similac gets the job done!

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  • NanaShan76 By  NanaShan76    

    Trustworthy product

    My family has always trusted Similac for all of our babies' needs!

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  • Patoma By  Patoma    

    Great product i use it all the time. I think everyone should owe these products. There is nothing better then these products

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  • Irenaavi By  Irenaavi    


    These to go single formula packets were time saver for us. I grabbed a few when we would go out and easy to make in the car with no powder spills, compared to when I brought small containers and to use scoop. This was our formula for our baby and he loved it.

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  • melissaf By  melissaf    

    Awesome invention

    These single serve formula packets are awesome. I don't like carrying around pre-made formula when I'm out and it's not very convenient to carry around powdered formula in a ziploc bag with a scoop. These packets are 4 ounches each, which is the perfect amount for us. When the baby's hungry I can just grab one, tear it open, and mix it with water in the bottle. No measuring or scoops needed. Super convenient and perfect for on-the-go.

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