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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    I wish they had this sooner

    The best brand by far I've always liked it plenty of nutrients calcium mother's love this product mine included I would recommend it to all moms

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  • droberts78 By  droberts78    

    This is a really good formula. All my kids were and one is, on this.

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  • durreadan By  durreadan    

    good one

    really satisfied my niece who breastfed for two months but then had to be formula fed due to her mother having health issues. isn't too heavy and satifies your childs hunger just right.

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  • Liongal80 By  Liongal80    

    I tried this baby formula with the baby and unfortunately it gave the baby bad stomach aches and runny stools. It is expensive so its sad when your baby can not use this product. Also made the baby spit up and caused a lot of spit ups. Had to switch to the Similac Sensitive which works great for baby.

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  • SamBam21 By  SamBam21    

    This stuff is the only formula that helped with babies tummy. Everything else was spit up in large ammounts and made him gassy.

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  • disneymommy12 By  disneymommy12    

    Love this formula. It is very gentle on your baby's tummy. Leaves your baby full and satisfied.

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  • Prettygirl01 By  Prettygirl01    

    Our daughter is on the formula and she is gaining weight with this brand of formula. When her doctor suggested this formula she was only 4 pounds and 6 ounces ever since then she has gained weight.

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  • Alowther By  Alowther    

    Thiso brand is our first choice! It was given to use at the hospital and that makes me trust the brand ever more.

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  • Cengell By  Cengell    

    Absolutely love this formula. My daughter has tried every formula brand under the sun and this one met all her needs. The only negative is I wish it came in bigger containers.

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  • Ellie_El By  Ellie_El    

    This have my newborn a rash. I guess something in it didn't agree with him.

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  • Connoranddarrylsmommy By  Connoranddarrylsmommy    

    Great formula my oldest son took this formula and he was happy with it so it made me happy :)

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  • jasminediamondv21 By  jasminediamondv21    

    I honestly. Hate this product it gave my second oldest he'll and my youngest too, I used Gerber for my oldest and now I either use enfamil or parents choice, Somalia is too hard and tough on baby's tummy, also u have to shake it forever to get the clumps of milk to dissolve

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  • Tiwh77 By  Tiwh77    

    This is the only formula I ever used. We always loved similac and sensitive was great for the ones that were super sensitive.

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  • DaniBear3 By  DaniBear3    

    This is the only formula my son would drink, it was a life saver when I was unable to breast feed due to complications.

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  • otey1989 By  otey1989    

    The similar advance is OK but 3 out of 5 of my children could not drink it. I t gave them diarrhea and dehydration

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