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  • Sds4778 By  Sds4778    


    YES PLEASE!! As a loyal Sigma girl I was so happy when I found this gem- its great for small spaces, works like a charm and my brushes are spotless when I?m finished using it. I definitely recommend this for anyone who wears makeup and is looking to keep their brushes and tools clean!

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  • mollymew12 By  mollymew12    

    Buy it!

    Let's face it, cleaning makeup brushes is an annoying process. But this product made it such an easy process for me. Very glad that I invested in it and I use it all the time.

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  • liz8762 By  liz8762    

    great stuff

    its great cleans brushes good and fast plus its reusable i love it highly reccommend

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  • jessicahjonessmile By  jessicahjonessmile    

    It's a must!

    I love this mat. It makes cleaning my brushes not feel like a hour long process! It's less messy and having something that reusable is great.

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  • mistydawn707 By  mistydawn707    

    It makes the job easier

    I hate having to clean my brushes it's such a chore. I know I cannot be the only one who dreads wash day lol. I have to say this matter definitely helps the cleaning along. It's a tad small but still as affective. The nubs & ridges really get the product out of the brush.

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  • Nelsonj By  Nelsonj    

    Great cleaning brush mat

    This cleaning brush mat is amazing a little bit small but it does the job cleaning made easy I recommended

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  • kabukik By  kabukik    

    This is the smaller version of the cleaning mat, but except for the size it is the same thing. I finally decided to buy when I got an ipsy sale code, for it is $25 usd, so it might still be a bit expensive for some people. I have already played with it, and of you can pay it, I would say go for it, and I am glad I didn't go for the larger one because it probably wouldn't have fit in my bathroom sink very well, this one is a prefect fit. I tried it with my mother's brushes that had a lot of product, and the cleaning was quick and deep, with the larger brushes was quicker than my brushegg. If you have a lot of brushes, I think this is a good investment for deep cleaning. The mat seem very durable and sturdy & the suction cups work just like they should, so while cleaning the mat doesn't move, but you can "unsuck" them very easily when you are done. This is one of my best purchases of 2015!

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