SheSpeaks Spring Survey Results

   By SheSpeaksTeam  May 29, 2024

The 2024 Presidential Election is around the corner. Over the last several months, we asked you, our SheSpeaks community members, to weigh in on the issues that will impact voting in November.  Over 1,200 SheSpeaks community members took our “May Women’s State of Mind” survey, and following are some of the insights you shared.  Where relevant, we have shared comparison data from our early April study.

A whopping 78% of women say that the country is headed in the WRONG direction. This is up from 75% in early April.

Additionally, 55% of women believe that the economy is getting worse, given price increases on everyday items such as groceries and gas. This is up from 51% from our prior survey.

Women say that the top three issues that will impact their voting in November are:
#1: The Economy (55%)
#2: Healthcare (48%)
#3: Reproductive/Abortion Rights (47%)

Worth noting is that since early April women have changed their minds about who they think will win the Presidential election. In early April, 43% of women believed that President Biden would win reelection in November (40% said that Donald Trump would win). Now, 44% of women believe that Donald Trump will win the election in November.

Finally, women are not satisfied with the two major candidates for President in the 2024 election. 74% of women surveyed said that they would like to replace President Biden with a different candidate for President. And 71% of women would like replace Donald Trump with a different candidate.

What do you think of these results? Do they surprise you?


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Jaqiii by Jaqiii | Tulsa, OK
Jun 16, 2024

Not surprised

Casmiller82 by Casmiller82 | GALLIPOLIS, OH
Jun 14, 2024

Not a big surprise on the results

Jun 13, 2024

The results do not surprise me and yes I do believe the economy is getting worse.

Franmay by Franmay | San Antonio, TX
Jun 13, 2024

Yes that sounds about right,, I definitely agree only national security should be 3rd

betsylynn11 by betsylynn11 | Norman, OK
Jun 13, 2024

Yes they surprise me. I think people aren?t honest talking about politics or their like and dislike for a candidate.

Ahale0715 by Ahale0715 | MESA, AZ
Jun 11, 2024

I read somewhere that a family of 4 is spending $11,000 more a year on groceries than this time last year. I can attest to that!! With three teenage boys, our grocery bill has skyrocketed since last year. Really hoping we see some changes soon!!

illtryitnow by illtryitnow | DARIEN, IL
Jun 05, 2024

I truly agree with need 2 other candidates for president.

FreundMom5 by FreundMom5 | MARSHFIELD, WI
Jun 05, 2024

What is Mays results?? What are the reasons behind the percentage of our candidates being replaced??

cmramsey by cmramsey | MEREDOSIA, IL
Jun 03, 2024

I am surprised that Illegal Immigration is not listed in the top 3 because we have so many illegal immigrants invading our country and putting all of our tax dollars to their cause instead of helping United States citizens. I am surprised that 71% would like to replace Donald Trump since we had a prosperous country in the 4 years he was President. I am not surprised that 74% women want to replace Joe Biden because he has made this country an absolute mess and this was his intention the whole time.

ANGELG777 by ANGELG777 | Corinth, MS
Jun 02, 2024

Some of these surprise me and a few don't I will keep the peace and not say what I feel think or know love you all have a great day :)

Islandista by Islandista | HILTON HEAD, SC
Jun 02, 2024

Ladies get out and vote, the next 20 years are going to be all about the Women, you will see us in the highest and most respected positions because we work so efficiently due to having families we also take care and love. Make your vote count in 2024, it truly is going to frame our future and the younger childrens world. Let's give those kids a better world where women are cherished for what they bring to the table and are equally paid.

Jackie9641 by Jackie9641 | GRAYSLAKE, IL
Jun 01, 2024

I think it's shameful that after 4 years, both parties are coming at us with the same ticket.

edjona by edjona | NAPERVILLE, IL
May 30, 2024

I'm convinced that people who think the economy is great and the country is doing amazing are in denial. Every time I go shopping for my family inflation slaps me in the face! I'm glad people are waking up though because we can't afford to be asleep.

indiana_girl by indiana_girl | BULL SHOALS, AR
May 30, 2024

Yes. I think National Security is a biggee. This means the border crisis and all the impact on states and local infrastructure.

droberts78 by droberts78 | LORETTO, TN
May 30, 2024

I still believe the economy is getting worse. I'm basically a one parent household even though there is a husband, but he doesn't work or help in providing. Being one working parent household with a very low paying job, it's hard making ends meet and trying to save on groceries, but want to get variety of healthy options for my children. Summertime makes it harder since they're not getting that free breakfast and lunch at school when it's in session. I'm afraid it's just going worse in our country.