Shark Steam Mop

Shark Steam Mop

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Amazing I have children and pets this mop is so easy to use my youngest to can do it. It makes it easy for chores

Shark steam mop Definitely recommend this mop it gets off stuck on or hardened sticky foods in no time. And the price is fair considering how well it works.

My floors aren?t cloudy anymore I HATE mopping our floors because they still look dirty even after I?m done. I decided to try this instead and my floors look SO much better! Plus, for some reason, it?s way more fun to use a steam mop and ithe floor dries so much quicker

For Lazy Cleaners I hate washing my floors and I wanted to get something that was easy to use. My Shark Steamer is my life saver. All you do is add water, get the steamer going and you?ve got clean floors. It washes away dirt and stains and leaves your floor looking brand new.

Steam clean I just bought one last week.I love the shark steam vac. It really does get my floors clean. Cleaner than anything I?ve used before.Plus I don?t have to worry about refills, I just toss the cleaning cloth in the washer. Highly recommend this product

ok if you're on a budget I like this product ok - The handle is flimsy and its not the most convenient to use - Its 2018 - this shoudl be automated.

Great steam mop This steam mop works miracles. Always seems to pick up something! Love that it doesn't require chemicals, but i wish i had the option to add in a little something to make it smell extra fresh! easy to use. Heats up very quickly. Love that it comes with two reusable pads!

I love that the pads are reusable just through them in the wash and no buying multiple replacements. I love using it on my hard wood floors ut picks up so much and makes then shine.

Good on linoleum floors but average for tile I bought my Shark Steam Mop from Amazon. It came with 2 reusable washable cleaning pads. It's easy to fill up with water as it comes with a measuring cup. I like the adjustable handle. It makes it easy to reach wider areas. It didn't come with the triangle piece for tight corners that are under baseboards. This has to be purchased separately, as does the cleaning cloth that goes with that piece. It's nice to use around pets as it doesn't use any chemicals. I just wish they made thicker scrubbing pads for it to get into grout surfaces. I recommend it but buy it on sale.

Shark Steam Mop Shark Steam Mop gets all the dirt and grime out of your linoleum and hard wood floors with ease.

I love it. It leave the floor clean without much scrubbing. unlike the traditional mop you do not have to dirty your hands to clean. it is easy to use and it cleans very well

I love Shark! I love my Shark steam mop! It is so easy to use. It leaves my flooring so clean. I love this so much that if it ever breaks, I will totally buy another.

Interested in steam mops? Start here For people with full-time jobs and hardwood floors who are just starting out with this "adulting" thing, the Shark Steam Mop is an amazing investment. It works well on hardwood floors and smooth laminate, but I gave it a 4 our of 5 because this is not the end-all of steam mops. My kitchen linoleum is textured, and this just does not seem to get the dirt out of those uneven areas without unreasonable effort. However, this was the mop that introduced me to steam-cleaning and it would be a great easy-to-use beginner mop for people who are trying to figure out if they would like a pricier model but are unsure if steam-cleaning is right for them.

Really easy to use. I use on the lock and groove wood laminate floors. Will sometimes leave streaks on the floor. Does get the floor wet but dries really quickly.

I love my Steam mop. It got the dirt off of the apartment floor. I tried to get the dirt off with a normal mop but couldn't. My fiance and I bought this and the first time i used it the hard dirt came right off.