Seventh Generation  Training Pants

Seventh Generation Training Pants

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Clean Seventh generation is an adorable and yet clean and clear brand. The training pants fit as sized and are comfortable for kiddos. They don't bring on rashes or skin problems.

We have only recently started using these at night with my 3 year old and i love them he was getting rashes from other brands and it ended up being chemical allergy switched him to seventh generation and no issues now. he loves being rash and wettness free and i love a happy potty training boy

These are the best training pants I have used. They do not have velcro on the sides, but can be moved up and down by the child easily, and the sides can rip on the seam to be taken off and thrown away. They are not as "pretty" as some others, as they are a brown/tan color but they do have the Lorax character (as of right now) on them so there is some design element. I LOVE these, they are worth the money. They act more like a slip on diaper and less like a flimsy training pant. And don't forget the Seventh Generation standards...