Sensationail Gel Starter Kit by Nailene Gel Polish

Sensationail Gel Starter Kit by Nailene Gel Polish

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Nail lover I love all things nails! I purchased starter kit and fell in love. I have been in love with nails since I was 13, I am now 36. I have tried almost everything in the nail world and this is the best at home product I have used. When I cant get to the shop or just want to do it myself Senationail is my go to product. I have recommended this to all of my girlfriends. It has so many fun colors to choose from. Go have a try for yourself and watch you will fall in love.

I love anything to do with nails I love nailpolish I collect it n the nail art nail stickers n wraps

This product is best when you need to be on the go. No spilling paint anywhere .you just stick on and you are ready to go.

I purchased this from walmart loved it I polished my toes over 3 weeks ago no fading or chipping

did not last very long before it began chipping away! plus the color selection is small....

I have this on my nails now and ohhhhh how it last its been 3 and a half weeks since and they still look like i just did them i love it

Hmm YEAh Not a great gel in the market . dry my nails after using it

I love doing my nails, its a very therapeutic thing for me. I always run out of time and rush my manicure and that's when I mess it up and it looks unprofessional and totally DIY. When I first tried a gel manicure I LOVED it, it stood up to all the hell I put my nails through (I used to work on pool pump machinery for a living) But it was so expensive to keep up with! So I researched home gel kits, Sensationail had the most recommended reviews. The light is so easy to use and "cures" the gel polish just like in the salon. It works like a charm and I love doing my nails every 2 weeks. I recommend getting a gel manicure at the salon first and watching how they do it. Never rip your nail polish off, file it down, then either add to it with your polish and light or soak off with remover

The Senationail starter kit is a great way to save money instead of going to the salon for a gel manicure. The starter kit comes with everything you need to get started and they also have a wonderful choice of colors. It is my go to item for beautiful nails.