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  • rusty2rusty By  rusty2rusty    

    I really enjoy using this brand of sponges. However, the down size. The sponge does not last very long. You can get a few uses. than it falls apart.

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  • klr2177 By  klr2177    

    This is a great product and really does save your nails! The only downfall was it did not last long, but it was a cheap bargain so I really could not complain!

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  • ginagina909 By  ginagina909    

    Mine worked great and lasted. Got it at the 99 cent store.

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  • mommyleah By  mommyleah    

    It got smelly too quickly but I liked the texture. worked well on dishes.

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  • sbenning5 By  sbenning5    

    I wasn't impressed with this sponge for very long. I loved it the first few times I used it, but it fell apart quickly.

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  • ThaPaige By  ThaPaige    

    The nail saver sponges really do protect your nails, and the scrubby side works really hard. My favorite are the pink and the purple sponges, and they even have one for cleaning your grill...I think it's green...

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