Schick Quattro for Women Razor

Schick Quattro for Women Razor

              Rated #21 in Shaving & Hair Removal
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74% Recommended
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So smooth My skin is very sensitive and shaving with this chick razor makes it so smooth and no irritation I recommend highly!

I love this razor, it's the only one I use. I love the close shave and the multiple blades. I also like that I only have to replace the blades and not the entire razor.

Removed hair on my legs easily and left my skin feeling smooth. Well worth the price.

Schick is slick! Glides so easily and really close shaves for a smooth finish.

Not the product for me I hated these razors. They were horrible right out of the box. I got major razor burn under my arms even with shaving cream. Total waste of money and will never purchase again

Ouch These cartridges are way to expensive and make my skin break out like crazy.

This razor is a little expensive to me but it worked really nice to my skin, I wish it was cheaper.

This razor is a little expensive to me but it worked really nice to my skin, I wish it was cheaper.

High Quality This is a great razor. It gives a close shave with no skin nicks. I love how it glides over the skin. The handle is easy to grasp and is comfortable to hold. Its a joy to use.

Schick Quattro Women's Razor Catridges These catridges are great! They cut close and stay lubricated until it needs to be replaced which, for me, lasts about 2 months

Wow Amazingly close shave, in love with this product, helps me get hard to reach places such as back of the knees whikle keeping a close shave

Schick Quatro Blades This razor left me hair free and silky smooth, bo razor bumps or cuts! Loved it!

Great value While it's not my favorite razor, it does a nice job. The four blades make for a smooth shave, and the price makes it worth purchasing again and again.

Razor review I really like this razor. It doesn't give me razor burn. But, the refills are kind of expensive.

Amazing Razor! My go-to razor! I've used it since is 14, and I have no plans to change brands anytime soon!