Schick Hydro Silk Razor

Schick Hydro Silk Razor

              Rated #10 in Shaving & Hair Removal
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Drop dead beautiful smooth shinny legs Do u want a nice smooth close shave? If so I would advise you to try this razor!!! It glides against the skin for a smooth leg Finnish and ur S/O wouldn't be able to resist pulling you close

Razor Heaven The Schick Hydro Silk Razor is heavenly! The handle firs perfectly comfortable in your hand. You will get a smooth glide from the conditioned strips on the bladed cartridge you c hoose. Shaped to prevent cuts & definitely lives up to it. Lots of shaves out of one blade: which is awesome because they are a little costly. Definitely worth it though. One of my holy grail products.

Shaving This is one of the user friendly razor it doesn't leaves any cut and it's giver you a smother finish .. just lover the product

Worth the Try Schick isnt really a brand I think of much when it comes to womens razors. But this razor I wasn't expecting much from but she wowed! The Schick Hydro Silk Razor gave me a fantastic shave with no nicks or cuts! Worth a try!

Schick Hydro Silk Razor It does the job and makes my legs nice and smooth.

Love this This razor is absolutely amazing to use. I didn't have any Knicks or cuts after using it.

I would buy this in bulk I absolutely adore this product best razor hands down gives a nice smooth shave I was pleasant surprised that it worked as good as a men's razor

Razor products I've used this product repeatedly lasts longer than most razors is a good quality as a sharper men's blade would buy it again fantastic product durable

I love this razor it's amazing I would recommend to anyone

Wasnt the most "smoothest" glide I have a few nicks and cuts but it got the job done! My skin is dry so i'm guessing that could have been the problem..just keep in mind, no two bodies are alike!

Loved how smooth my legs are and shaves so smoothly around my knees where I have the hardest time shaving. The razor was very comfortable to handle and hold. My legs were very smooth afterwards. Bottom line, for disposable razors, these are awesome! The price is good and the razor works great. I will continue using this until I find something better and cheaper :)

This is a great razor. It is great if you have sensitive skin. It gives you a close shave for soft and silky legs!

I love thee razors ! So smooth to use and also leaves the skin smooth!

I've been using this razor for several years now. I love it. I get such a smooth shave with no nicks or bumps and I generally feel human again, not like the Sasquatch I usually do after a bad shave...

Good razor but doesn't last very long. The blades get gooey from the built in moisturizer.