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  • fancy2 By  fancy2    

    Omg never again will I only have to b o to the library and watch TV again incant belive this is real thank u god

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  • Nbdoll86 By  Nbdoll86    

    5 star Samsung

    I would love to own this tv becaues its large screen thay shows beautiful and clear images, and the sound consumes an entire room that sounds real nice.

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  • Jmhfy3 By  Jmhfy3    

    Buying a tv can be so overwhelming with all of the different features and sizes and what not so when our tv went out I started doing my research and ended up purchasing this tv. It has great picture quality, good sound, it does everything I need/want it to do without all of the fancy little features that can get in the way.

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  • Barb1982 By  Barb1982    

    In this digital world we live in, it's so nice to have good quality TV's that are inexpensive but will last for a long time. I have always been choosy with the brands I choose b/c I would rather spend money on something that I know will last for a long time than buy cheap ones that will only serve it's purpose for a couple of months or so.

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  • sashaa49 By  sashaa49    

    i used to have a old school big screen 64' inch tv after so many years it broke and i recently got a samsung 47' inch samller but could not complain its great tv

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  • moldyoranges By  moldyoranges    

    Love it!!!

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  • lucas567 By  lucas567    

    I love the pictures on these T.V. they are great

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  • GrammyJ By  GrammyJ    

    I have a friend who purchased this, and loves it. It was simple to install, and I enjoy the clarity and realness of the picture. Great product!!!

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  • thegirlfromtheghetto By  thegirlfromtheghetto    

    I have the 40 inch Samsung tv and LOVE it. I can't even imagine how nice the 47 inch tv is!

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  • cybrown551 By  cybrown551    

    I?m not a tech person. I don?t like mind bothering appliances or the need to read a text book before use. I like things simple and easy to follow. I enjoy plug and play type of appliances and electronics. So for those who are like me? The Samsung LN46A550 LCD TV is the perfect TV. It?s easy to take out of the box and connect the wires. The performance and picture quality is great. It has 3 HDMI inputs that are easier accessible and it also has a one computer input.

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