Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

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Spicy is the best Love the product and the spicy version is our favorite , Great with nachos . We also make great veggie wraps with this .

Awesome Dip Sabra makes a great hummus and has a wide range of flavors. The Roasted Red Pepper has a great taste and texture. I like it as a dip for pretzels, pita chips/bread and vegetables.

Savory and Yummy! Sabras Roasted Red Pepper Hummus is my absolute favoite with delicious rice crackers (I highly recommend Blue Diamond Pecan Nut Thins!). The perfect healthy and delicious lunch or snack.

Good This is a really good store bought hummus brand. Way better that the generic brand.

So good & versatile This is one of my favorites! It's my go to for adding protein to a salad, a quick snack for taste & appealing dip for a party. I like it with tortilla chips, crackers and even a a spread on a wrap too.

good hummus Sabra makes good hummus and this flavor is no exception. I'd love if there was more of the topping in the middle, but what is there is pretty standard for hummus.

My favorite! The roasted red pepper is the best in my opinion

I am not really a fan of plain hummus , but the taste of the red pepper in sabra is delicious . I have mine with pita chips or veggies .It's a quick snack for at home or on the go .

The Best! This is my favorite hummus! I love hummus sandwiches... easy and great to pack for lunch... also a crowd pleaser!

Go to Hummus The Red pepper hummus is a great dip with a mild flavor to bring to any party or have as a healthy snack for around the house.

I tried this hummus recently and the taste is just amazing. It goes so well with veggies and the taste just bursts in your mouth

Hummus is a very good source of protein for kids.. so our morning breakfast includes hummus.. My whole family likes little spicy... i use this brand and this hotness works best for us... love it..

Delicious hummus My favorite flavor of hummus! This is so delicious with garden veggie pita chips! The flavor is so savory and yummy!

we love sabra hummus! all the flavors are delicious and I love the short list of ingredients~

Snack guilt free I love sabras! Hummus is a great treat to have without feeling guilty about getting poor nutrition.