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  • Heathers2980 By  Heathers2980    

    Snickers Crispers

    This snickers is light and airy and much easier on your mouth than the ones packed with nuts. Love these.

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  • mrimmer16 By  mrimmer16    

    I gave this a try once and I was surprised that it tasted good, maybe I was wanting it to taste bad since it was a new product and for me new products are like trials to test lol but I like it I still like the original better and the snicker almonds but I can bare to have this once in awhile

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  • cyndylew26 By  cyndylew26    

    thumbs down

    Although it's different, it just doesn't measure up to the original snickers.sorry

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  • ab8204 By  ab8204     SheSpeaks Tester


    I received a free sample of Snickers Crispers to try from SheSpeaks and the following are my own opinions. I absolutely LOVED this product! It was delicious! My husband enjoyed it too! I definitely started recommending it to people at work/customers etc.

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  • AnonEmus By  AnonEmus    

    Hungry? Eat a Crispers.

    Oh my God, these Crispers, these Crispers Haley, oh my God, these Crispers, oh my God! I tried these once on a whim, I was 5 months pregnant and was HANGRY AF at walmart and picked these off the shelf. They were sooo good! I liked the crispness. It added dimension to a rather soft but delicious treat..mmy fave next to peanut butter squared's

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  • ChelseyShanelle By  ChelseyShanelle    

    The best

    Best snickers ever created!love snickers but these are by far the best ever made

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  • psychowitch By  psychowitch    

    Snickers Yay:)

    Nothing better then a snickers treat when you are getting hungry and on the go and just simply need a great pick me up or even just to treat your self for a chocolaty nutty crispy nugget of goodness. Love the texture, the taste, and the size is just right.

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  • oregongirl420 By  oregongirl420    

    Snickers :P

    I have always love snickers since I was a kid. It seems like every new product they put out there never seems to disappoint me. Snickers Crisper is so yummy and I love the CRUNCH! All I can say is mmmmmmm. Keep it up SNICKERS :D

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  • RedSky By  RedSky    

    These are pretty good, but I still prefer the normal snicker bars.

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  • Tazzygal By  Tazzygal    

    Dissapointing candy

    enjoy having a snickers but i was quite dissapointed with the snickers crispers it didnt taste like a snickers more like a crunch candy couldnt really taste the carmal peanuts it Just didnt tickle my fancy

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  • Paula05 By  Paula05    

    Very good. A good mix except for peanuts; little less peanuts would be better

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  • fijianbeauty By  fijianbeauty    

    Snickers Lover

    Snickers lover, it taste so good. I love it and always have them in my freezer.

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  • blasciaks By  blasciaks    


    This is a mix between the regular snickers and heaven. the crisp is just the right crunch! I will forever buy this product.

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  • ALGordon By  ALGordon    

    New Favorite

    My new favorite candy bar! I love the crispies, and the pretzels add a nice crunch!

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  • Megahottie By  Megahottie     SheSpeaks Tester

    (((Not for me)))

    This was ok, but I don't like the crisp to it. I won't buy it. I loved it back in the 90's. I think I passed that stage with unhealthy snacks. I have eat healthy now.

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