Rubbermaid Stackable Food Canisters

Rubbermaid Stackable Food Canisters

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Very Good love how these stakc and they are great for kitchen storage and the bathroom and even the kids room

Simple and secure organized storage Rubbermaid Stackable Food Storage Containers are easy to open and close, while still offering secure storage. It is easy to see the contents , and the wide open tops make it easy to, say, scoop out flour or sugar. Stacking is also a breeze, and they are so easy to clean. In addition to food storage, they are also great for storing crafts, hardware items, and pretty much anything that needs to be organized.

quality and organization are everything! Simple designs often work the best & these containers are proof of that! They seal in freshness, but are not difficult to open. Also reasonably priced. I took off one star because I can't seem to buy individual sizes, only sets

I have had these for a little over a year and all but the large one has a crack in the lid from opening it.

good product I've used Rubbermaid stackable containers for years and they've held up really well.

good storage These are great for food storage and the lids stay on tight. Still check for bugs as they can still somehow get in. I found this out the hard way. These are still better than just keeping a bag rolled up though.

So handy These are quite the money saver since they keep your food fresh for so much longer. The variety of sizes allows you to find the right one for your needs.

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I love their products they keep your food fresh people use them all the time my family use them to take their lunch in

Rubbermaid Makes Cleanup Quick & Easy After Dinner I love cooking for my family. Cleaning up after dinner, after a long day is not so fun for me. Using Rubbermaid containers makes cleanup so much quicker and easier. With so many convenient sizes and the fact that these storage containers stack up makes keeping things organized in the refrigerator easier too!

Great containers. Keep food fresh and lids stay on and sealed.

Containers Great to store food or items in.also great to their able to stack and lids fit great.

Great Storage containers! Rubbermaid is great. The storage containers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Its very helpful in the kitchen to keep everything organized.

Marie Kondo approved I LOVE this product. After watching tidying up, I decided I need to declutter my life. I added these into my pantry and it makes me so happy to see everything organized and stacked nicely, while being able to see exactly what I have.

i love it color is cool and it is bright and its easy to clean and wipe off and is very easy to push