Rubbermaid Premier 12 Piece Storage Set

Rubbermaid Premier 12 Piece Storage Set

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Tupperware at it's finest These containers hold a lot and they are super durable. The are compact and fit into each other perfectly for storage. Leak proof unless dropped (of course). I love this product overall especially for the price for something you can continue to use over and over again.

Would recommend! The set is nice, comes with a good variety. Stains easy, durable though. Has lasted a long time for my household.

I've used these food storage containers for years and I appreciate the durability and universal style. We use them to store leftovers, snacks, even craft supplies! The lids are easy to remove and they hold up well in the dishwasher.

Absolutely LOVE this product! We have several sets. No more asking "where's the lid". The way everything stacks together (including lids) is simply ideal. I got rid of all my expensive Tupperware.

I love this product. I have a ton of these in my home. I have small children so we don't use these just for food. We use these to keep the kids room organized. As well as my husband's shop for all of this small nuts and bolts. There are so many uses for these containers.

Rubbermaid products work great for mud-pies too! The Rubbermaid Premier 12 Piece Storage Set is probably my best loved set of Rubbermaid® products that I own. I've had the set for a couple of years now, and even through freezing's, washings, microwaving's, dropping's and even our kids having mud-pie contests in the rain, the containers continue to perform like they are brand new. Rubbermaid® is the BEST! I grew up with my Mom and all of my aunts and uncles and grandparents using #RubbermaidProducts. @Rubbermaid keeps everything fresher much longer than other plastic containers with lids. I never have to worry about my food spilling out of the containers because the airtight lids have NEVER let me down! I have never had even one spill due to a lid that doesn't fit right. The lids continue to close and seal tight, time after time.

Rubbermaid storage containers This Rubbermaid set is so nice you will use it to take things to parties and if you send it home with your kids you WILL remind them to bring it back! Looks nice and seals well, you will be happy to have this on hand!

Love this set. It doesn't leak and it makes packing my lunch for work easy.

These are great! I recently got married and this was one of the things I received as a gift. They are easily stackable and the lids are so easy to stack so that you do not have to search in your cabinet for them!

Love this bowls and lids. They are easy to store which helps on space.

Love these so many sizes. Good in frig . microwave. And freezer.

Great! This is one of the better sets. None of them are those 2 tbsp containers... I hate those, they are sold around Christmas like this set at a must-have price. I surprised everyone with this set! It's perfect for lunches, meal storage, or meal transportation. They last forever! The lids close tightly and allow food to last longer. They have a great plastic that doesn't chip or fade too badly over time. I love Rubbermaid & this set fits the bill for anyone looking for great storage. This set is everything I need for storage as a single, young professional.

I have always found a flaw with all of my tupperware until I purchased this, the covers are like rubber and the container is so durable it is impossible to break and easy to clean.

These are one of my favorite storage containers. Everything stacks well and they are easy to store in between uses. These wash well and don't seem to stain like some others. I like that all the sizes serve a purpose. Very durable and the lids stay on!

The Rubbermaid containers are great for storing any left overs, art supplies, or pantry items. You can put them in the microwave or in the refrigerator and they wash well. I even put them in the dishwasher. They make it easy to pack lunch for school or work.