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  • kagsmom By  kagsmom    

    My family has a 4 year old full blooded English Bulldog who we love very much. He has had lots of medical issues and we don't typically change his routine, especially when it comes to his food. I received a coupon from Royal Canin a few weeks back for the bulldog blend and we decided to give it a try. I was really surprised at the price when I went to PetSmart for purchase, but decided to try a small bag just to see if we could see any difference. We were satisifed with the results and just last week purchased a large bag. I can see a difference in his coat and energy level in just these past few weeks he has been eating this new food. We wil continue to purchase this for him with the understanding that his health and happiness is priceless. It's really not that much more per bag when I did the breakdown and certainly seems to be better for him.

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