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  • HazelBeltran5 By  HazelBeltran5    

    i love Rimmel London products. would love to get samples by them.

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  • TessBritt By  TessBritt    

    Love Rimmel products....i would love to try this mascara most difinitely.

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  • nipperjm By  nipperjm    

    This is My favorite mascara! It lengthens my lashes and it also really seems to help plump them up too. It goes on fairly easy, and lasts all day too. The price was not too bad for the quality,overall I loved it!

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  • neroach5 By  neroach5    

    I love the pigmentation of this product! it goes on your eyes so easily. i love it!

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  • justjenne By  justjenne    

    I LOVE this mascara! Cute bottle too :) I like the brush and shape, and the mascara darkens up my lashes, lengthens them, and lasts all day.

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  • lovesamplessampletime By  lovesamplessampletime    

    I have enever tried this, but i would love to.

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  • msbluestone13 By  msbluestone13    

    not for me. didnt do anything for my lashes. felt let down. i saw the brush and thought--this is gonna be good. but it didnt thicken, or lengthen, or anything..I guess this is one of those "u get what u pay for.." type of things..

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  • nursingstudent11 By  nursingstudent11    

    I love love love this product I bought it at walmart , its somewhat cheaper than other brands. It makes my lashes look fantastic and full. It doent flake off or smear during the day but it is easy to wash off ! I usually buy them 3 at a time one for the house one for the car and one for my purse !

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  • CrystalAnne By  CrystalAnne    

    Didnt really use it that much....but when i did it was okay....Im a covergirl kind of women

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  • xHeatherr By  xHeatherr    

    The first couple of times that I used this mascara it worked extremely well. My lashes looked amazing. After a few uses though, it started clumping up on me and flaking. Maybe just a bad bottle? I'm not sure. I might buy it again to see if it was or not.

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  • bighairmom By  bighairmom    

    I really like this mascara. It coats every lash, it's not flaky, it doesn't clump, and it makes my lashes look long, thick, and gorgeous!

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  • ceetiina By  ceetiina    

    I just... didn't like this mascara. I didn't think it did much for my lashes, no length, no volume... no nothing. It just gave me something extra to wipe off at the end of the day.

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  • mszoeyluv By  mszoeyluv    

    I found this product at Target, it was not very expensive. It makes my lashes really stand out. It is easily washed off but doesn't smudge during the day. The applicator has just the right curve, the product doesn't become clumpy either. I also have very sensitive eyes and this mascara doesn't bother them.

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