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  • denovot By  denovot    

    more like a lip gloss

    When these came out I was quickly obsessed and got almost every color. The only ones I really used down were the nudes but I do like all of them. They are definitely more like a lip gloss, they slide around and wear off super quick. Because of that I didn't get much use out of the darker, brighter colors because they require precision to apply, and that'd be like applying chapstick with a lipbrush, a lot of work for nothing. I did use up two nudes by wearing liner underneath the entire lips and since it was light I was able to slather it on every 10 minutes like a tubed gloss.

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  • ksayan By  ksayan    

    I liked the way this looked and felt, but it's definitely not for long wear.

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  • DaisyHunnell96 By  DaisyHunnell96    


    I like this lip balm as it is moisturizing and leaves a nice color behind. I have the color #053 or Sorbet which is a really pretty, dark pink. I like the way that it applies evenly and it lasts a pretty long time.

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  • arlette2525 By  arlette2525    

    Love this!!! Soon creamy and the colors are beautiful. This has become my go to lip product!

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  • thegiftofgab By  thegiftofgab    

    These have a very creamy formulation to them, and the colors are very beautiful. My only thing with these is the durability, as it comes off super easily. Wish Revlon would remake these to last longer!

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  • dearsydneyy By  dearsydneyy    

    I do like this product other than the fact of the little pigmentation. I enjoy a very pigmented lip and this does not give that. What I do like about this product is how soft it makes your lips feel.

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  • KileyA2010 By  KileyA2010    

    I have two of these. They are okay more like a thick lipstick but the tubes are adorable and the colors are very rich

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  • jasminediamondv21 By  jasminediamondv21    

    These are the most bear colors ever, and definitely. Hydrated my lips

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  • TaniaTXx By  TaniaTXx    

    I recently purchased this item on clearance; weary of the light color, however.. curious to try the LipStay feature? Not impressed. Looks beautifully set upon lips, once applied; however, i found myself having to reapply about 3-4 times throughout the day. (I have since taken this product out of my makeup bag and placed in my makeup box, atop my bathroom counter.

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  • judyy116 By  judyy116    

    I have seven shades. I love it! It's really buttery and applies smoothly without drying out my lips. I think the pigmentation is really good for me, obviously they are not going to be as bold as real lipsticks, but I really love the colors. Some lighter shade may be more sheer and less visible but there are colors that comes up really bold. There are a few things I don't like about it. First, a lot of the colors have shimmers in them. Second, it melts in hot climate, literally like butter! Besides that, I love it!

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  • Ceders10 By  Ceders10    

    Great color. Nice consistency without completely drying out your lips. I had to reapply throughout the night but that's common especially when attending certain events. Glides on like butter. Price is a little high, but that's what coupons are for-right?

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  • tashaprather15 By  tashaprather15    

    I not only love this color, but I have other colors with Revlon and I love the lipstick, it stays on and makes my lips feel moisturized also so I don't have to wear any chap stick along with the lip stick. And Revlon is very fair priced.

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  • bailley By  bailley    

    I have cherry tart it is really pretty color. This lipstick is really moisturizing and makes my lips very smooth. The tutti fruitti is too orange. The peach parfait is my favorite one.

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  • amera101 By  amera101    

    I love the colors !

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  • c_mazahir By  c_mazahir    

    I purchased the one in Berry smoothie color, it is creamy, has a shine and is smooth in application. I don't have to wear any chapstick or moisturize my lips before applying it, the color is so spring, just a neutral plum a pretty transparent color. The only complain I have is that it doesn't last very long. It has to be applied over and over again throughout the day, in my case it doesn't last longer than an hour or two.

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