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  • aliston By  aliston    

    Love the look you get from this! Easy beach waves! It's big but once you get the hang of it, it works great!

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  • priinceszciiara By  priinceszciiara    

    this waver is amazing, it gives you wonderful waves that are very versatile you can change your hairstyles. it gives you volume and its well worth the money.

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  • PtsGirl By  PtsGirl    

    I love this waver! It's great for beachy waves and cute loose wavy styles that you can change on your own. I think it's great, the only draw back I have on this product is that with hair like mine (Very long) it takes some time to crimp each section. The result is well worth your time!

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  • lauraelizabethm By  lauraelizabethm    

    love it for beachy looking waves. you have to alternate the wave pattern on each strand or they won't look as natural

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  • cdjocoy By  cdjocoy    

    I had mine for awhile and i like it, but the waves do not look natural. I have tried different ways but i do like the fact that my fine hair looks thicker with this tool.

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  • kristina3150 By  kristina3150    

    I personally was not to satisfied with this product, however, I do have extremely thick hair. My sister in law uses this and it works wonders on her hair. I talked to stylists about how to make this work better on my hair, tried multiple different products with it, it simply isn't made for thick hair (nor are most curlers/stylers). Disappointing for me but if you have normal hair, this product really revs up your hair!

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