Quorn Meatless & Soy-Free CHIK'N NUGGETS

Quorn Meatless & Soy-Free CHIK'N NUGGETS

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The taste was ok, I'll start off with that. But the texture was funky. Not only that, but I had a bad reaction to them. My throat got itchy and my stomach was upset for hours. I definitely would not recommend if you have a lot of allergies, or food allergies in general.

Great Tasting We are a meat free house. My 5 year old son actually decided on his own that he did not want to eat meat when he was younger. His first taste of a meat substitute was Quorn. He loves the breaded chik'n. I actually prefer to place these in the toaster oven to get them crispy. Note: on other review sites I have read that people have had digestive issues with eating this product. We have never experienced that. In fact I like this brand better as it does not contain the soy.

A long time favorite in this house. I usually microwave them for a minute and then place them in a skillet for another minute to crisp them up. Great in a roll or on their own with a side salad.

I fully reviewed this product on my YouTube channel here: http://youtu.be/gpL0Qb5Q_BE .....Quorn is a Mycoprotein. I'm not sure exactly what in the world that exactly means but I am amazed by this product. These are BY FAR one of the best meat-less "chicken" products I have ever tried. They shred and taste like real chicken! I have no idea how they do this! They do come out a little dry, so I would maybe cut 1-2 minutes off of the cooking time they give. You can either bake these or microwave these. I highly recommend these to any vegetarian out there!