Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer

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Keeps us protected without any residue! This is my go to. Had to buy a few different off brands during the start of the pandemic, and was not impressed. This does its job, without leaving a sticky film, or unpleasant smell behind. Even my son will use this without complaint, and he is a tough cookie!

Purell Remains #1 in Hand Sanitized Purell is still uncontested as the best hand sanitizer on the market. After COVID started, I realized just how many other brands have low-quality hand sanitizer that has the consistency of water and smells like rubbing alcohol. Purell is neither of these - it?s thick and dissolves easily without getting all over your lap and everything around you, and doesn?t have that overwhelming alcohol smell! Love it and will always be loyal to Purell

I keep some in my car, at my table next to me, and use after I visit any stores.

Trusted brand for family Perfect to sanitize hands in the car and on the go or at the office or home. Smells good and works well.

Great product A great product to use to kill the germs. I used Purell during the Covid19 pandemic and always felt safe with this product.

This is a must have item during this pandemic, we use it all the time when go outside. We got different sizes so we can use them everywhere, it is a great help to sanitizing hands and items hands touch.

Great hand sanitizer I'm an esthetician and sanitize my hands before and after each client. This is my go to sanitizer. I like that it doesn't leave a film on my hands, they just feel clean.

Best brand I've found yet. But don't like that its probably killing the good germs too

Non greasy non smelly Non greasy and doesn?t smell bad. It a,so doesn?t dry sticky. Very good sanitizer overall

Awesome!! Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer is the best sanitizer and totally trust this brand. Very affordable!

Clean Hands I have been using hand sanitizer, and kept in my car and purse, for quite some time. Long before the current situation. This sanitizer is kind of thick so it doesn't run every where when you put on your hands. I like that it comes with a easy to use pump. I have some sitting in the kitchen. I also have a smaller bottle I keep in the car that I refill. The larger pump sanitizer is easy to use to refill the smaller bottles. I guess I don't have any real proof it works. I assume it does. I have not been sick so I am confident it is getting rid of germs on my hands. I will definitely continue to purchase this brand in the future. I have found in a couple different scents over the years (which I really like) and I am always eager to try new scents if I find them. I have already recommended to friends and family and would tell anybody looking for sanitizers to purchase Purell.

Protection Needed even more in these Covid-19 times. Being in the "higher risk" age group, we depend on this for even getting our mail and packages.

sanitize Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer is great to use in between hand washings. I just need a small pump and rub it all over my hands.

Purell is the best This item is very convenient to have when I am unable to wash my hands. I feel very protected against contracting germs when I am using this product. This product comes in a few different scents with the original smelling one being my favorite due to its clean scent it leaves behind. I recommended this product to anyone who is unable to wash there hands when needed.

Great sanitizer! This is my all time favorite hand sanitizer! Affordable, would definitely recommend.