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  • leona1219 By  leona1219    

    Stink Be Gone!

    The delivery of this product is different than most, but it works ALL day - through working out, yoga, you name it...out of all the natural deodorants currently on the market, this has stood out as the most effective against odor. It doesn?t stain your clothes, either. If your pits are new to going aluminum free, be patient - your body just needs to adjust. I recommend putting this on after your shower.

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  • shellbell1228 By  shellbell1228    

    Best natural deodorant around!

    Primal Pit Paste! I use this deodorant over every other brand out there and here's why! Bottom line...I trust this company. My biggest concern is what sort of company I am investing my time and money into. I do a lot of research before I settle on a company and I found that Primal Pit Paste is not only trustworthy but they actually care about their customers well being. This is by far one of the most compassionate companies out there. They do not put any harmful ingredients in their products that would hurt you or your loved ones. So after browsing the website I decided to try the Orange Vanilla deodorant paste and the Orange Creamsicle lip balm. The lip balm had a balanced orange and vanilla scent which was very pleasant. I have a habit of applying it more than I should because the scent is AMAZING! Now the deodorant I was a little sceptical on because I have never tried a paste deodorant and the scent was something I never thought of trying. Boy was I surprised! Not only did it have a citrusy smell but it went onto easily when applied. The scent lasted quite a while as well! So if you need a new deodorant to try from an.honest company than how about giving Primal Pit Paste a shot! They have other fun and unique scents as well as other products!

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  • arizonagirl37 By  arizonagirl37    

    I love this brand so much!! I?ve been in the market to find an aluminum free all natural deodorant that actually works for a while, but don?t like the ?gel? types because I do t feel like they work very well, but this stuff has been my favorite by far! This stuff is more expensive, but worth the extra money for the health benefits.

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  • Kclift By  Kclift    

    My #1 Favorite Natural Deoderant

    Primal Pit is my FAVORITE natural deoderant. It is a tad on the pricey side, but it's fantastic. Doesn't feel sticky or gross, goes on dry, and lasts a long time. Lavender is my favorite smell. I don't have any more to say apart from spend the extra money and try this. Especially if you haven't used a natural brand before, go big and get this.

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  • Brettslady By  Brettslady    

    Excellent for extra odor protection during hot flashes!!

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  • Trulyyourjenny By  Trulyyourjenny    

    Love love love

    This is an amazing product. No artificial ingredients. Short ingredient list and I can pronounce/ recognize all of them. I like the lavender one the best. Really works all day. Just a little goes a long way.

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  • Beautyblissnbluejeans By  Beautyblissnbluejeans    

    Goodbye stinky pits

    Finally a natural deo that works. I had tried several brands and none worked til I found this. Keeps me feeling and smelling fresh. I only wish it came in a stick form.

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  • CaitlinB By  CaitlinB    

    Seeing how all those common deodorants in stores give me filmy armpits that break out from it, I went all natural (haha). I love primal pit paste, i have tried Tom's Of Maine, and their products are not strong enough for me. Primal pit paste has amazing scents plus they work great. But do note, if changing from those "cheap" deodorants with their cheap and questionable ingredients, give yourself a week or two to adjust to the all natural products in primal pit. I recommend this products to anyone and everyone,. Honestly, i think half of the ingredients allowed in common deodorants (dove, secret, etc...) should be banned. People should do their research; its critical to one's health... To sum up my review, Be good to your self, be good to your health, switch to primal pits paste! oh! its great for both men & women!

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