Prego  Pasta Sauce

Prego Pasta Sauce

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Better than homemade! Love the traditional basil recipe of this sauce! It's perfectly blended.

PREGO USED TO BE GOOD, BUT........ I remember when Prego first hit the market. Yes, I am dating myself. It was so delicious. Unfortunately I am cursed with remembering what things used to taste like and continue to compare. Prego was very good back in the day. I used it all the time, but over the years I am always disappointed when I use it because it just isn't as good as before. Maybe it's because tomato growers now are only concerned with their products' appearance instead of its taste which is why store bought tomatoes are pretty, but tasteless. Maybe this is all Prego can get and their sauce suffers because of this. I pity the young generation growing up not knowing how good a tomato could taste!

Family favorite Prego is my family's favorite jarred pasta sauce. Thick, rich, flavorful, and consistently delicious, I use it in lots of pasta dishes. It is also a nice pizza sauce and a great dipping sauce for toasted ravioli or mozzarella sticks.

So thick I love this sauce compared to others. Stays nice and thick when you heat it up their garlic variety one is perfect for spaghetti. You don't even need to season the sauce. You can use for so many things. I do add a bit of sugar or it'll give my husband heart burn for days.

My kids will eat this! My kids really like Prego. It's easy to add to our favorite recipes and they eat it up!

Tasty and Convenient Prego Spaghetti Sauce is a tasty and convenient way to make dinner in a time crunch.

This is our favorite pasta sauce. I've tried others but always go back to Prego!

A lifetime achievement We still use this brand since i was little i was 5yrs now im 26 yrs in we still use this brand now... over the years we been trying different brands but nonething compares to this brand

I literally use this sauce for so many recipes it is a must grab for every grocery trip! We use it for chicken park, lasagna, homemade pizza, breadsticks dipping sauce, mozzarella sauce, I've dipped buttered toast in this during my pregnancy because all i craved was this. It is a number one sauce in my family's household!

I use Prego quite a bit. I do lean towards the veggie though. However, I normally have to add a little bit of sugar to the sauce to cut the acid a bit.

Good base sauce I dont eat this sauce as ia but its an excelleny sauce to add too. Whether different meats, veggies, etc. Or just adding spices and garlic. Its a great base.

Love the taste I love this sauce because of the taste is perfect for my lasagnas.

Love the Splatter! I wouldn't make spaghetti or Chicken Alfredo without it! Best sauce EVER! PregoCookingSauces #LoveTheSplatter @Prego, #GotItFree #BzzAgent

Great sauce Awesome sauce if I may say so I been using it since I was a teenager love it

Saucy Great quantity for the price. Slightly too thin of a sauce. Wish it was thicker with garlic