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   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 28, 2011

Valentine's Day may be months away but that doesn't mean a great date can't happen tonight, this weekend or this month. Whether you're single, dating or married, it's always a good idea to have a few solid date ideas in your back pocket for the right occasion.

Dinner and a movie is a classic. But even the classics can use an update every once and a while. And, for many of us, a free hour, afternoon or  evening  is incredibly precious. So let's make sure that time is best infused with fun, excitement and a little bit of romance.

The SheSpeaks Team has put together 5 Great Date Ideas that are pretty easy to put into action. But we want to hear from YOU. What date ideas make it on your Top 10 list? What have you dreamed about? Or what great date did a friend go on that you wished someone would do for you? Let's share our Best Date Ideas and create a fantastic resource for SheSpeaks members to turn to whenever a little inspiration is needed.

And your efforts won't go unrewarded. Post a great date idea below and you'll be entered to WIN a Romantic Dinner for Two Gift Basket. A second lucky winner will receive a Picnic Backpack ($50 value) and a third winner will receive a Best Romantic Classics 100 CD.The contest will start Wednesday, September 28th and will end Tuesday, October 4th at midnight EST.


5 Date Ideas:

1) Spend an afternoon in an orchard

You probably haven't been to an orchard since you were a kid. Or if you have kids, you haven't enjoyed the experience alone. Take advantage of the fall weather and drive into the country together and pick some fresh fruit, take a hay ride, and get some apple cider. Then go home and bake a pie together!

Not sure how to find your local orchard? Try this website

2) Bring it Indoors

Sometimes after a long week, the only place you want to be is home. That's ok. Bring the romance indoors. Pick up some delicious dessert, place a blanket and pillows on the living room floor, light some candles, dim the lights and put on some relaxing music. Don't forget to turn the TV and cell phones off and you'll be transported to your own personal paradise.

3. Get your hands dirty

Take a class together! Cooking in the kitchen alone may not be that much fun, but doing it together can be a wonderful exprience. Sign up to make sushi, croissants or chocolate truffles. If you want out of the kitchen, try a pottery or dance class. The point is to get out of the house and try something new... together.

4. Stargaze

A star-lit sky can be incredibly romantic. If you live where the city lights won't get in the way, pack a picnic with wine, cheeses and sweets and find a great place to look up at the stars and enjoy the fresh air before cooler weather arrives. If you're near a city, don't worry. Visit your local planetarium. The view can be just as amazing. To find your local planetarium...

5. Build something you can play with

Take a trip to your local hobby shop and pick out a project you can work on together. Maybe build a boat, a rocket or a kite and then take it out for a spin once you're finished.


Now it's Your turn. Tell us your Great Date Ideas!

And, if you have skills in the kitchen and have great date night recipes to share, please check out and add them to the new Recipes section on the SheSpeaks website. Visit

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irishmaiden67 by irishmaiden67 | Bethany, OK
Feb 08, 2012

For a fun and inexpensive date night, take your honey and yourself out to as many of the local "spots" and see how many pictures you can take of yourselves kissing in front of these locations! It'll get ur brains and hearts pumping trying to come up with as many new places as possible and hurrying to get to them. For a bonus, post them on Facebook as you go. Ur friends and family will get a laugh out of it and it will horrify ur make sure ur final destination of the night is a great little spot so you both can relax and review ur pictures.

FireCat by FireCat | GILBERTVILLE, MA
Oct 28, 2011

Beginning the evening by cooking a meal together is the perfect date.

Laytor by Laytor | Chicago, IL
Oct 24, 2011

Although it may sound cliche or corny, yesterday we were able to have a picnic on the beach. We have a real picnic basket with the little checkered blanket and all so it was wonderful. And on top of that, it was a surprise! A surprise like that is always nice. However, knowing not everyone is close to water or warm weather with it being the end of October, we also made a trip to a local store to people watch and roam the aisles. As simple as it sounds, it can be really entertaining. If it's a new relationship, it's a fun way to learn about the things the other person likes or doesnt like, if it's a long term relationship or marriage, its fun to get out and be silly and just be together!

Oct 19, 2011

Cuddle up by the fire with a romantic movie and a bottle of wine and finger foods.

Katrusya by Katrusya | Rolesville, NC
Oct 13, 2011

It doesn't matter what we do as long as we spend time with each other. I love to go for a bike ride together with my husband, I love to go to a movie theater to see a new film, I love to do photoshoots with him, go for a nice long walk, holding hands and talking or nice restaurant. Everyone needs to take time to nurture the relationship! :)

Soupergirl by Soupergirl | Glasgow, MO
Oct 12, 2011

My idea of a pretty perfect date is taking a stroll around a lake, river or any moving water. It is peaceful. Stop along the way & eat some snacks, talk to each other, looking into one another's eyes! With our busy lives, too many of us just don't take the time to really show how we care for the other. And the best part is LISTEN to your loved one, don't interrupt, let them pour out their heart to you.

bojigirl by bojigirl | Cary, NC
Oct 12, 2011

Lately our dates have been simple and wonderful! I bought a long cable so that we could bring a tv outside near the outdoor fireplace and watch my husbands favorite team in the baseball playoffs, while enjoying a little wine and fire. Other nites we put on music and make homemade pizzas on the grill. Life is good!

fourboysathome by fourboysathome | Whitsett, NC
Oct 11, 2011

In our one income home, I cook most of the meals. Going to a restaurant once a week is a treat for us, and it makes a fabulous date night. I love to catch up on his business, tell him funny stories about our kids, and just RELAX! Skip the movie and just spend time reconnecting.

silvermetallic by silvermetallic | East Troy, WI
Oct 10, 2011

Date night can be exhausting after a long day at work. Make plans, get re-dressed, get a babysitter, etc. One of our favorite "date nights" consists of nothing more than putting the kids down early and heading outside with a glass of wine and a fire in the firepit. The conversation flows freely and we are able to unwind and reconnect without the extra stress. Plus, our backyard is always waiting so no preplanning is required!

Oct 10, 2011

We love to build a fire in the firepit and have a galss of wine just talking and enjoying our backyard .

maple4trees by maple4trees | LOUISVILLE, KY
Oct 08, 2011

Money is almost always tight, so my husband and I take some time together and "dream" while walking around the home improvement stores. He often has to get something for a job or return something, so we go together and check out the bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets, light fixtures. Sometimes we are getting ideas for a current project, but usually we are "planning" bathroom or kitchen remodel that may or may not happen any time soon! But it's fun to share those ideas!

songinc by songinc | Marlboro, NJ
Oct 08, 2011

Take a cooking class together or dinner and a movie is always a good choice!

lilacs64 by lilacs64 | Smyrna, TN
Oct 08, 2011

My favorite date is to grab a picnic basket filled with meats, cheeses, fruit, etc. and a blanket and head out to our local winery. Our winery has live music on weekends. Depending on the weather we can stay from afternoon into evening. As it gets dark outside and the temperature drops we move closer together. Many fall evenings we have stayed until closing time. We rush home and warm up with a bottle of wine we've purchased there!

lorettab by lorettab | Centrelia, IL
Oct 08, 2011

My I deal of a perfect date is in a log cabin in the woods snuggled up by the fire haveing a glass of wine looking at the stars and just talking and relaxing.

daddis73 by daddis73 | hobart, IN
Oct 07, 2011

Go to the drive in Drive ins are often old and run down but that's a lot of the fun! Make sure you bring a truck or a big SUV (cars just aren't as fun) and a lot of pillow/blankets. You can buy pizza or food and drinks elsewhere and bring it in to avoid using the snackbar (expensive, too). These are the cheapest movies around